Music Faculty
Mr. Steven T. Johnson - Band & Orchestra Director
Johnson.Steven (at)
(321) 636-3711 x130

Mr. C. La Monte Hogan - Chorus & Piano Director
Hogan.Clarence (at)
(321) 636-3711 x131

Mr. Jameson Tucker - Itinerant String Teacher, Rockledge Feeder Chain
Tucker.Jameson (at)

Ms. Victoria Hickey - Principal
Hickey.Victoria (at)
(321) 636-3711 x105

Mrs. Terri Kulaga - Assistant Principal (Curriculum)
Kulaga.Terri (at)

Ms. Lisa Kratz - Assistant Principal (ESE)
Kratz.Lisa (at)

Mr. Pete Quinlan (Dean)
Quinlan.Pete (at)

Please note: We are only able to return calls to the area code (321). 
If you do not have a (321) number, please contact us via email instead.