Mission: The Southeast Warren School Counseling Department, in conjunction with students, faculty and staff, families, and our community will work towards: developing lifelong learners who are socially responsible, treat others with dignity, and understand how to be productive and successful citizens.

About Me:

I am a graduate of Southeast Warren and have lived in this community most of my life.  I attended Graceland University where I earned my Bachelor's degree in Psychology.  I worked for several years in the college community, first in Admissions and then as a College Director.  That experience showed me how important it is to help our young people navigate social situations, become strong students, and advocate for themselves.  I decided to continue my education at Drake University to pursue my Master's of Science in Education, specializing in School Counseling.  I returned to Southeast Warren as K-12 School Counselor in 2012, and am proud to be a Warhawk!

Reasons to contact your counselor:

  • conflict management/ suspect bullying
  • severe changes in behavior
  • family changes
  • self-concept is low
  • an illness or death in the family 
  • family is experiencing financial hardship and your family needs supplies, shoes, etc.
  • daydreaming or preoccupied a major portion of the day
  • declining grades
  • reluctant to come to school
  • worried excessively
  • assistance with making/keeping friends
  • work on specific social skills
  • assistance navigating the college or career process
  • help with scholarship information
  • assistance with study skills 
  • assistance with organization

What a School Counselor does:

  •  Serves as a bridge between home, school, and the community
  •  Talks with students in classrooms, small groups, and individually.
  •  Aids teachers and parents in helping children
  •  Helps in identifying the needs of children
  •  Provides information on parenting skills
  •  Maintains confidences
  •  School counselors have classroom, group, and individual counseling in which they help students:
    •  Recognize and understand their feelings and the feelings of others
    •  Accept themselves and others
    •  Recognize, understand, and work through learning difficulties
    •  Talk about their educational and personal-social concerns
    •  Problem solving skills
    •  Adjust to family changes such as moving, a new sibling, divorce, etc.
    •  Learn about careers
    •  Plan their future education/work goals


Monday: Primary Building        

Tuesday: Intermediate Building        

Wednesday: Jr-Sr High School   

Thursday: Intermediate Building    

Friday: Jr-Sr High School – Morning; Intermediate Building - Afternoon

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