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Ravens Athletic Winter Camp

Thank you for your interest in our Winter Camp!
These are for ANY athlete that is interested in getting STRONGER, FASTER, AND MORE CONDITIONED.
We are here to help.

Coaches Glen Geelhoed, Luis De la Vega, Andrew Corman, Ted Thompson, Lisa Ziemba, and Meredith Reeve will
design and will implement a training plan to prepare you for your desired sport and or events this spring.

Goal: To build the athletics programs at CCA through general strength conditioning.

Practice is not mandatory, but the more you are there, the better you will get!
You must register and pay by the end of the first week - only those registered will be allowed to attend after the first week!
$300 an athlete (9 - 12 graders) with proceeds going to support the CCA Track and Field/ Cross Country Programs.

Practice Times - 3:20 to 5:00pm - Meet outside of Gym Annex, under the Stairs at CCA.
Sample Weekly Schedule - Schedules will be modified based on desires and goals of different athletes!
  • Monday : Weight Room, Strength, Power
  • Tuesday: Plyometric, Speed, Strength, Agility
  • Wednesday: Weight Room, Strength, Power
  • Thursday: Plyometric, Speed, Strength
  • FridayWeight Room, Strength, Power
Be dressed and prepared to work out, run, and get better!

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that through this camp that you will make a team or sport team at CCA.  We can insure that in following our advice we will prepare you to the best of our ability.  Since the creation of this camp, all athletes participating in this camp have qualified for their Spring CCA team, and we take pride in that!