Course Descriptions

STEM Explorations

  • Build contraptions using motors and simple machines to explore design and engineering.
  • Learn 3D design to create objects on our 3D printer. Code using a variety of platforms.
  • Explore the basics of circuits and design your own video game controller.
  • Work in groups on design challenges such as mini-zip lines, lunar landers and more.
  • Build a working model of a medieval trebuchet and launch projectiles at a target.
  • Build, program, and control EV3 robots to navigate mazes and perform tasks using sensors.
  • Learn about renewable energy sources and apply knowledge to the design of a “green” house.

STEM Explorations is for you if...

  • You have very little or no experience with coding
  • You do not have a lot of experience with the LEGO EV3 system
  • You are interested in engineering and tinkering, but haven't had much opportunity to do so yet!

Advanced STEM (Repeatable Course*)

  • Delve deeper into programming EV3 robots. Design a robot that can deliver a golf ball to a hole on a mini-golf course.
  • Build and design creations with Micro:bit processors- wearable computers? Robots? Motion detectors? You plan and create the project.
  • Learn the basics of pneumatic systems and create your own air powered organism.
  • Learn about insulation as you design and test the perfect combination of materials to create a solar oven. S'mores, anyone?
  • Work in small teams to solve a number of challenges using wood, circuits, paper, 3D printing, cardboard and of course, plenty of duct tape.
  • Find your own path- work on projects that are student driven, from concept to completion. Use the materials in the STEM classroom to pursue your interests.

Advanced STEM is for you if…

  • You are comfortable with "block" programming such as scratch and want to learn more about python, javascript or other programming languages
  • You have a lot of experience with the LEGO EV3 system

*An extension of Advanced STEM may be available to provide opportunities to students who complete Advanced STEM as 7th graders and wish to continue in the program. Please contact me at amy.olson followed by for more information.