Respect yourself and others

Utilize your time wisely

Listen and follow directions

Educate yourself

Speak positively

Classroom Procedures

    • Students are expected to arrive on time and be in their seats when the bell rings, otherwise they are marked tardy.
    • Students must come prepared to class with their classroom materials and completed assignments.
    • Students are not permitted to move out of their seats or leave the classroom without permission.
    • Students should have their assignment notebook to use as a pass to go to the bathroom or locker.
    • Students are expected to follow my classroom rules listed below in addition to the 4B’s.

If student is not compliant with the classroom procedures or the general rules stated below, the following actions will take place:

  • Verbal warning
  • Name written on board

Student sent to study carrel and parent is later notified

If student is refusing to comply, the student will be escorted to the office

and a parent will be notified