All students will be required to follow:

4 B’s

Be Safe

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be There/ Be Ready

5 C’s






Students will:

  1. Be in your seat when the bell rings

  2. Be ready to learn from the beginning from the beginning of the class until the end of class

  3. Bring all required materials to class when class begins

  4. Turn all assignments in on time

  5. Raise your hand if you have a question or have something to say

  6. Listen to your classmates when they are speaking

  7. Pick up after yourself to keep our classroom neat and tidy

  8. Write down all of your assignments in your assignment notebook

  9. Respect yourself, each other, and all teachers at all times

  10. Give your best effort in everything that you do

Consequences if rules are not met:

  • Warning – after breaking a class rule you will receive a verbal warning and then a check mark if behavior continues

  • Call – If you continue your behavior your teacher or you will call home to speak with your parent or guardian

  • Consequence – If you still continue that behavior you will receive a blue office referral and you will serve a detention.



Start Class

Conversation –

  • #1 before bell

  • #0 when teacher begins

Help –

  • Meet at door

  • Help from peer #1

  • Raise hand

  • Read task on board #2

Activity –

  • Read board

  • Pass out folders

  • Take out materials and have work

Movement –

  • Materials on desk for this class only

  • Other materials under desk

  • Selected students pass out folders

  • Sharpen pencil, kleenex, drinks, restroom before bell

  • In seat before bell

Participation –

  • Read agenda on board

  • Compare yourself with peers

  • Be prepared

Success –

  • Bucks

  • Participation points

Switch Activities CHAMPS

Conversation –

  • #1 classmates

  • #0 when teacher begins

Help –

  • #1 peer help to move forward

  • Raise hands

Activity –

  • Materials put away in proper place

  • New materials placed on desk

  • Timer

Movement –

  • Stay organized papers in folder

  • Books on racks under desk

Participation –

  • Look up

  • Sit up straight

  • Clean area

Success –

  • Conserve our precious time

  • More time for fun and learning

Group Work CHAMPS

Conversation –

  • Ask for help in first three minutes

  • #1 Independent

  • #2 group

Help –

  • Ask a classmate volume #1

  • Write questions on sticky note and place on table

Activity –

  • Check timer

  • Check off a checklist of activities

  • Have assignment completed each day

Movement –

  • Independent work in seat

  • Move for materials, Kleenex, and sharpen pencil

  • Permission is needed to leave class

Participation –

  • Check off checklist of activities

  • Stay on pace with assignments

  • Keep completed work in folders

Success –

  • Use strategies in small group and whole group

  • Share content knowledge

End of Period CHAMPS

Conversation –

  • #1 classmates

  • #0 when teacher begins

Help –

  • #1 peer help

  • Raise hands

Activity –

  • Put materials away

  • CheckTime

  • Clean up around desk

Movement –

  • Put papers away in folder or accordion

  • Stack books on rack under desk

  • Take out assignment notebook

Participation –

  • Look at assignment board

  • Repeat assignments

  • Copy down assignments in notebook exactly

  • Check assignment notebooks

Success –

  • Stay organized

  • Environment clean

  • Keep on top of all work