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Master of Science in Food Science & Technology (MFT) (2-year program)

Title of the Degree

  • Full Title : Master of Science (Food Science and Technology)
  • Abbreviation : M.Sc. (Food Science and Technology)

Program Description

The Master of Science program in Food Science and Technology is offered in type A2 option which combines thesis (12 credits) and coursework (24 credits). The programs are offered in Thai and English, emphasizing coursework and research in Food Chemistry, Food Microbiology, Food Engineering and Processing, Product Development, Packaging, Food Quality Assurance, and Sanitation. The program is designed to develop graduates with ability to address, analyze research problems, to conduct research and evaluate and report data on mathematical and statistical bases, to find appropriate solutions and to improve skills in critical thinking, presentation, communication, teaching, and writing, as well as to possess leadership and professional attitudes. To accomplish the goals, each student, in consultation with the academic advisor and the supervisory committee, will develop personal study plan and research topics based on academic background, research interest, career goal, and professional objectives to meet an individual needs.The graduate student must submit and present their thesis proposals and progress reports, as well as must present and attend scientific seminars at national and/or international conferences. Each student must complete his/her coursework with a minimum GPA of 3.00 within 2-4 years of study and must submit a qualified master thesis prior to public presentation followed by the final oral examination by the supervisory committee. To apply for graduation, students must submit one or more manuscripts based on their theses for scientific publications.

Program and Classes

Both Thai and international students who can fluently communicate in Thai are welcomed to apply for the Food Science and Technology programs. All the classes are taught in Thai and English.

Download the 2021 Curriculum

Admission Requirements

Applicants must hold a Bachelor degree in Science with a minimum GPA of 2.75 from an educational institutes certified by the Office of the Higher Education Commission (OHEC) and by the Office of The Civil Service Commission (OCSC)

Admission and Scholarship 

For information on admission and scholarships, visit KMUTNB Graduate College

Academic Period: Mid June-September (1st semester), Mid November-March (2nd semester), and April-June (Summer)

Tuition Fee: Approximately 80,000 Baht/person

Research Assistantship

For more information on current research and funding opportunities, please visit Research Clusters or contact the faculty member who shares your interests directly. Faculty members in the Division of Food Science and Technology

Career Opportunities after Graduation

The program builds connections among its students and faculty, establishing a network for graduates to carry forward into their professional careers. Alumni of the Food Science and Technology graduate program will find excellent career opportunities in academia, industry and government.