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Bachelor of Science Program in Environmental Technology (ET) (4-year program)

Program of Study

Management of environmental resources and systems to support life and protect human health is one of the big challenges in modern society. Bachelor of Science Program in Environmental Technology is designed for students interested in a scientific perspective of environmental issues. The academic program integrates concepts and principles of multidisciplinary sciences including physical, chemical, biological and information science to the study of the environment and the solution of environmental problems.

Studying environmental technology will provide graduates the broad set of transferable skills, including:

Programs and Classes

Both Thai and international students who can fluently communicate in Thai are welcomed to apply for the Environmental Technology programs.  All classes are taught in Thai and English.

Prerequisite courses in Biology, Microbiology, Ecology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer System, and English are usually completed within the first two years of the program. In the third and fourth years, students will learn specific courses in these topics:

10.Environmental Analysis and Instruments

The Division of Environmental Technology at KMUTNB makes great efforts to bring classroom learning to the real-world context using educational field trips, 240-hr summer internship program, a variety of special projects, and a seminar course.  The academic program has at least four field trips to provide a practical educational experience while working in an operation industrial plants or laboratories in both public and private sectors.  In the fourth year of study, each student will be trained to integrate and apply scientific knowledge, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills to study the physical environment or solve the environmental problems through internship program and special projects related to a real or realistic industry-type situation.  The students will also acquire knowledge and gain professional skills in the oral presentation of current topics in environmental technology through the seminar course. In summary, the graduates will complete at least 144 credits during the four years of study.      

Examples of a 4-year B.Sc. study plan

This is just a general guidance, each student will develop personal study plan in consultation with the academic advisor. Example of a 4-year B.Sc. study plan.

Elective courses currently offered include:

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Admission Requirements


Academic Period: Mid August- December (1st semester), Mid January-May (2nd semester)

Tuition Fee

160,000 Baht/program/person for Regular Program and 240,000 Baht/program/person for Special-Jointed Program.

Scholarships (visit Faculty of Applied Science webpage for more information)

Career Opportunities after Graduation

Environmental Technology graduates find career opportunities with the various types of industry, government and educational institutions.  Types of positions available to environmental technology graduates include but not limited to:

Moreover, Environmental Technology graduates can continue their education for the higher degrees in various fields of study including Environmental Science, Environmental Toxicology, Environmental Health Science, Occupational Health and Safety, Biotechnology, Environmental Biology, Environmental Engineering, etc.

Faculty members in the Division of Environmental Technology