Animal Science Competencies



  1. Agricultural industry
    • Understand the components, historical development, global implications and future trends to better prepare for a career in animal systems industry
  2. Animal anatomy and physiology
    • Understand anatomy and physiology as applied to the production and or management of animals in a domestic or natural environment.
  3. Animal behavior
    • Understand animal behaviors in order to address safety issues for animals and humans.
  4. Animal nutrition
    • Understand principles of animal nutrition in order to maintain an animal's optimal health and performance
  5. Animal reproduction
    • Understand the factors that influence an animal's reproductive cycle to explain species response
  6. Agricultural environmental factors
    • Understand the economic and environmental factors associated with an animal's performance, production and well being.
  7. Entrepreneurship
    • Understand the fundamental concepts of entrepreneurship and how entrepreneurship influences the economy.
  8. Career readiness and employability skills
    • Understand the necessary career readiness and employability skill in order to achieve success in the workplace.