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Updated 5-14-17
Recently, Chamberlain Street School in Rochester invited all dads or dad like figures, to join their children for a free pancake breakfast at the school.  Tuesday, May 9th the cafeteria was filled to capacity with 110 “dads” and their children enjoying delicious pancakes, sausages and strawberries.
Afterwards “dads” walked to their child’s classrooms and spent the first 15 minutes with their child to see how the beginning of the day starts. They heard the school’s daily announcements and The Pledge of Allegiance. Then the dads had a quick meeting in the cafeteria with administration for a recap and a thank you for coming.

Updated 4-04-17

March Students of the Month:

Kindergarten – Mason Joyce, Chelsea Casey, Viviahna Boisvert, Natalie Sordiff, Harrison Hutchings, Graycie DeMerchant

First Grade – Jameson Smith, Abigail Hodgson, Bailey Overman, Alex Brill, Emmy Breen, Corey Rawson

Second Grade –Vivian Camuso, Andrew Brooks, Zacharie Jolin, Kaya Post, Justin Sanchez-Martinez, Kyle Nickerson, Logan Ray

Third Grade – Hannah Cardin, Brandon Scamman, Ronald Boisvert, Jenna Desrochers, Zowie Gadbois, Dalaney Trudeau

Fourth Grade – Haydon McAlpine, Madilyn Durgin, Peyton O'Connor, Rhianne Lewis-Fosty, Jayshawn Molbeck, Hannah Earle

Fifth Grade – Lacy Lemelin, Makenna Senter, Nick Adrian, Jade Bouffard, Cameron Dumais, Cody Laurent, Cameron Fisher, Danica June, Tyler Matteson

Updated 3-12-17
I would like to congratulate all of the students who were recognized to be Student of the Month for February.  I'm so proud of them for being just good kids and it's a tribute to all of you parents and all the work you put in being a parent.


Kindergarten – Mackenzie Wilson, Keiana Dresser, Dominik Stickles, Avery Barker, Max Moore, Brady Jean

1st Grade – Jaziah Poulin, Mia Belanger, Cayden McHugh, Oakley Foster, Zia Dobbins, Damian Nolan

2nd Grade – Liam Hall, Jack St. Hilaire, Reilly West, Lydia Peabody, Jacob Sanchez-Martinez, Dakota Phelps

3rd Grade – Madilyn Larson, Taitley Leslie, Gracie Schneider, Sebastian Smith, Cameron Gagne, Pela Tomaszewski

4th Grade – Destiny Cryster, Lexie MaRae, Brady Blauvelt, VonCharles Carmack, Robin Coffen, Ryan Dube

5th Grade – Noah Reeves, Rosaleigh Kendrick, Zach Landry, Arianna Rawls, Arthur Lovins, Jaelyn Duntley, Nate Devine, Anna Stanley


Students having fun at recess sliding down the snow hill.

January's Citizen's of the Month:

Kindergarten – Izic Gallop, Addyson Melanson, Norah Beaudoin,  Alexandria Maroon, Torrin Connors, Kyle Greco

First Grade– Rowan Fredette, Chaitri Patel, Isabella Maltais, Logan Nadeau, Maliyah Verny, Quinn Stevens

Second Grade – Ryan Jones MarissaPayeur, Destiny Davis, Ryan Ouellet, Maddison Hildreth,Taylor Howard

Third Grade – Ronald Boisvert, Robert Bisson, Jakob Beausoleil, Espen Henderson, Kyler Turcotte, Bella Charles

Fourth Grade – Bryce Bushway, Brett Baillargeon, Kaylee Pelletier, Nevaeh Mayanja, Tyler Lambert,  Luke Lovins

Fifth Grade – Madison Staples, Lily Plaisted, Tiana Wiggin, Tyler Ketchum, Claire Prieto, Cameron Buckman

Updated 1-16-17
The latest Newsletter has been posted on the Newsletter page.  Click on the Parent Newsletter link on the top left of this page.  Here's the citizen's of the Month for December:

Updated 1-3-17
Hi All!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday and was able to spend time with your family.  I would like to wish you and your family a Happy and Healthy New Year!  

The list of practice dates and times for the Parks and Rec basketball program here at Chamberlain have been posted.  I have added it to the Parent Newsletter page that is located to the top left of this page.  

Updated 12-5-16

The Chamberlain Apparel Order is officially live! We have a short ordering period in order to get the items in time for Christmas.  Tomorrow, Wednesday, Dec. 7, is the last day to order.

Link is here:


Ali Fazekas, Alyvia Stevens, Sydney Daly, Makenna Stevens, Anna Stanley

These amazing young ladies represented Rochester School District at the Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference in Manchester, NH.  They spoke to educators from across New England about using Osmos and Bee Bots in our school.  They chatted in small groups and individually with teachers and other students to show them how to use this technology.  Watching the girls overcome nerves and the fear of the unknown they worked collaboratively to present in a very professional manner.  To say I was proud of them would be an understatement.    J

Updated 12-01-16

The 2016 Chamberlain Toy Drive will begin Saturday, 12/3 at our Breakfast with Santa and continue through Friday, 12/16.

Please help us to "take care of each other" by donating a new unwrapped toy for a child ages newborn-12. Toys will be distributed directly to Chamberlain Street families who are struggling this Holiday Season.

Please contact Family Support Coordinator, Kelley Simpson, with any questions or to receive help.



Kelley Simpson
Family Support Coordinator
School Street/Chamberlain Street Schools

Updated 11-14-16

We had a wonderful Veterans day ceremony last Thursday.  We had 20 Veterans show up for breakfast and then we went outside in front of the building and had a small ceremony recognizing the Veterans and what they stand for.  It was a special moment to have everyone together saying the pledge of allegiance while the flag was raised.  Most everyone was saying it together, but the younger students said it a little slower, thus making it sound as it had a slight echo.  It was a touching moment with the purity of the youngest of the students finishing the pledge.  After the ceremony, every student and staff member shook each of the Veteran's hand and Thanked Them for their service.  I can't thank the Veterans enough for all they have done for our country, as well as taking the time to celebrate this wonderful day with the students and staff of Chamberlain Street School.  

Updated 11-08-16
Hello all,

The universal/target team is trying to follow the monthly themes. This month is gratitude. We have created a bulletin board in the gym that has a large tree on it. We would like every student to fill out a leaf with something they are thankful for. I will be doing this assignment in PE on Wednesday. But for those of you who do not have PE on Wednesday, we are asking that you have the students do this at some point, maybe during a writing time. After you have the leaves completed you may come down to the gym and staple them on to the board. The leaves will be counted and put in your mailbox. Thanks for your help!

The PBIS Universal Team

Updated 11-06-16

Another Flexible Friday Activity:

In Mrs. Diamond’s 4th grade class, the students challenge was to make a tower that would hold a mini pumpkin 6 to 12 inches off the ground using only 50 straws, a paper plate, and a yard of masking tape.


Updated 10/26/16

Exciting News...... we have been able to get enough adult coverage to start Morning Recess!!! So, starting Wednesday, Oct. 26th,  we will have morning recess.

The PTA Spooktacular that was scheduled for Friday has been Cancelled.

King Arthur (the player from the Harlem Wizards) has written a book and we are taking orders for his book. If interested in purchasing a book, Please send in the order form and $20 dollars by the end of the week. You can make a check out to Chamberlain if so desired.
Veterans Day with eagle

We are going to start a Veteran's Day Tribute this year. If you have someone who is in 
or has been in the military, please send in a copy of a photo with the person's name, what branch he/she was in, and the person in the school they are related to. We will start to put the pictures up on a dedi
cated bulletin board by the office as a tribute.  
If you have any questions, please contact the office.

Updated 10/23/16

We will have a Literacy Parade this Friday starting at 1:30.  The parade will be of all the students and we will go out to the field and allow the students to walk around the field to show off their outfit.  The students can dress up as ANY character that is in a book.  PLEASE, no weapons, blood/gore, full masks to cover the face, or full make-up to cover the face.  The students will be writing about their character in class and sharing their writing with two other students.  This is a great way to emphasis reading during this particular time of the year.  All parents are welcome!

Flexible Friday event in Ms. Stewart's 5th grade classroom:
Students experimenting with the water cycle! Watching how water evaporates, condenses and precipitates!

Updated 10/16/16
Flexible Friday events in Mrs. Rhoades building devices to bob for apples:

and Mrs. Cabral's class do an activity to see what solvent a Peep would dissolve the fastest in:

Updated 10/06/16

I want to congratulate the following students for the earning the September Citizens of the month.  This is another example of the many awesome kids we have here at Chamberlain Street School.

Updated 09/25/16


The school district has reviewed the bus policy for dropping students off and a new rule has been put in place to help ensure the safety of the younger students.  All kindergarten, first grade, and 2nd grade students riding the bus will NOT be let off unless a parent is there to take them off the bus.  If that occurs, then the student will remain on the bus, we will contact the parent and the bus will bring the student back to school.  As a parent, you will have the option to sign off to allow your student off the bus even if there is no adult at the bus stop.  There is a form that went home with the students riding the bus and we ask you to please return it by Wednesday.   If you have any questions or concerns, please call me at the school (332-5258).  The form is under documents on the top left side of the webpage, under HOME in the Navigation table.

Updated 09/23/16
We went through our first week where we had five days of school and the kids did well.  I have to say, it was awesome to see everyone on Tuesday all dressed up for school pictures.  The kids looked fabulous and it just made me smile.  The students are settling into their routines and the teachers are working hard with engaging lessons.  I did want to share a few activities that teachers have done so far to help create the picture of the kind of learning that is taking place here at Chamberlain.

On the left:   In Ms
. Rhoades fifth grade class, 
the students have been working on
volume and this activity was helping the students better understand it by using the blocks to create an area.
  They then calculated the volume of what they created using the blocks they used.

Below:  In Ms. Byrnes first grade class, the students were using matchbox cars to make predictions on how far the cars would travel and then measure the exact distance they actually went.

These are just two examples of the continued efforts by all the teachers to integrate what the students are being taught into hands-on activities they can relate to.  These activities are examples of assessing students through their performance and not just through paper and pencil exams.

Updated 09/09/16
I wanted to thank all the staff members for the fabulous start of the school year.  They have been terrific and have done an incredible job with the students. It's been great to come to a school that has been so welcoming and truly allowing me to feel comfortable.  I'm really enjoying getting to know all the students and it's been a pleasure to meet so many of the families.  I felt the Back to School night was very successful and the open house was well attended.  I also really enjoyed attending the first PTA meeting this past Tuesday (Sept. 6) and I'm impressed with the enthusiasm of the members.  I am duly impressed with the organization of so many events that support the students and the building as a whole.  The PTA is always looking for more members, so please consider joining. 

 Finally, I am a big Broncos fan and was very happy with their first win last night, but I was surprised to come in to my office this morning with some new decorations.  I believe Mrs. Downs is trying to convert me.  The photo tells the story.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.
Surprised to see my office with new decorations

Updated 08/04/16
I really enjoyed attending the Rochester National Night out at the Commons on Tuesday, Aug. 2.  It was great to meet so many people.  The weather was outstanding, I enjoyed my time with Mr. LeClair, the farmers market was great, and the event was a lot of fun.  I would like to thank all of the students and parents who came by to introduce themselves and to say "hi".  

Updated 08/02/16
Kindergarten Day will be on Monday, Aug. 22 from 10:00-12:30, with lunch being served by the PTA at 12:00.  This is a day for children to see the rooms, meet the teachers, and get familiar with the kind of things they will do in class.  It also gives parents the opportunity to get information about what their child's day will be like, and to ask the administration any questions.  This is a great event and we look forward to seeing all the kindergarten students and their parents on Aug. 22.

Updated 07/20/16
Hello Everyone!  My name is Mark Campbell and I'm the new principal here at Chamberlain Street School.  I'm very excited to join the staff and be a part of the learning community here in Rochester.  I have been in education for 22 years and enjoying every minute of it. I started out as a high school science teacher for the first 11 years and the last 11 as an administrator.  I became an assistant principal for 8 years, mostly at Chester Academy (a public K-8 school), and was the principal at Hillsboro-Deering Elementary the past three years.  I come from a family of educators with my father a retired high school teacher, my mother a retired elementary teacher, my older brother a high school math teacher, my wife a elementary teacher, and my younger daughter going to college to become a teacher.  In essence, I value education and helping ALL the students learn and be successful.  I believe in a team approach and feel it's important that we all work together.  This is a community school and that's important for me.  I believe education is a partnership with the families and the community, so I want to build positive relationships so we all feel good about the safety of the building, the good learning that is occurring, and the positive atmosphere that people feel from the students, the staff, and the school as a whole.  I look forward to meeting you and the start of the school year.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call me or to stop by and say "hi", I'm here all summer.

Mark Campbell
Chamberlain Street School
603-332-5258   Ext. 5101