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Updated 8-18-17
A press release from the superintendent about the opening of school has been placed in the Documents.

Updated 8-16-17

I want to Thank all of the Staff for all of their time, dedication, and hard work to help the students of Chamberlain learn and grow.  I greatly appreciate all you do.  Unfortunately, we are losing some staff members as they move on in their journey of life.  I want to thank each one of them and wish them the very best with their new endeavor.  I would also like to Welcome the new staff members to Chamberlain and look forward to a wonderful school year.

Teachers Who Left                              Teachers Who Arrived

Kindergarten – Ms. Hennessey                         Ms. Jorgens                                               

1st Grade – Ms. Reilly                                           Mrs. Jean

1st Grade – Ms. Reeves                                          Mrs. Sullivan           

2nd Grade – Mrs. Desrochers                            Ms. Allen

2nd Grade – Mrs. Howerter                               Ms. Williams                                

Special Educator – Ms. Spellman                      Ms. Baxter

Special Educator – Ms. Tilden                            Mrs. Clark

Music – Mrs. Pedrick                                          Ms. Palmer

The ATTENDANCE Policy from last year:

Dear Parents and Guardians:

The 2017-2018 school year is about to begin and the teachers in Rochester have exciting plans and high expectations for your child’s learning.  I know that you also have many hopes and dreams for your child’s success in school and beyond.

To make sure those hopes and dreams are realized, I want to ask for your commitment to making sure your child attends school every day possible this year. The evidence is clear: children with good attendance are more likely to be successful in school and beyond.  High attendance rates are linked to high student achievement. This is true for every grade – elementary, middle, and high school students.  This year, the Rochester School District is implementing the Challenge 5 program.  We challenge all student to strive for five or fewer absences.  Throughout the year, we will have different incentives and prizes for those meeting or exceeding this goal.  

A recent review of student attendance data by the Department of Public Instruction shows that regular school attendance from Kindergarten on is essential to successful learning: every day counts!  Missing school even 10% of the time has a significant negative impact on reading and math achievement as children progress through school.

Students with good attendance performed better in math and reading. Children who had good attendance in Kindergarten through Grade 2 were more than twice as likely to score proficient on state math tests by the time they reached Grade 8 as their peers who missed more school. In reading, there were similar results.  

Good attendance starts early. Research has shown that the attendance habits established Kindergarten through Grade 2 have lasting effects on students throughout their education: children with high attendance in the early grades continue to have good attendance; and students with low attendance in the early grades are more likely to have low attendance—and lower academic performance—throughout their elementary and middle school years. 

As your child’s most influential teacher, I am asking for your support in helping your child get to school on time every day this year.  Your child needs to be in school and engaged in learning to reach his or her full potential. Yet, we realize that every family faces challenges. Please let me, your child’s teacher, or principal know if your family needs help dealing with a challenge to your child’s good school attendance. My contact information is above. We will do our best to help you and your family ensure that your child’s school attendance stays on track.  

Thank you for all you do to support your child’s school success and well-being, as well as our school.  I look forward to working with you this year and to having your child learn and grow in the Rochester School Department!

Best wishes for a safe, respectful, responsible, and successful school year.


Kyle Repucci 

Kyle Repucci

Assistant Superintendent of Schools