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This is a partial example of a 100th Day poster from a previous year. Feel free to organize your child's work in a way that makes sense for your child.

May 10, 2019

Dear Parents,

We have had a busy week, complete with learning about our teeth from a dental hygienist and learning about Tricky Tray too. We have continued to observe our brook trout, collected and watched some tadpoles, and began planting some seeds for our garden. Literacy has focused on digraph and trick word practice (we now have learned all of our trick words). Writing has continued with opinion pieces, some of which are very convincing. Math has had us focusing on teen numbers, both with typical counting and counting the “say ten” way (for example, 11 is called ten one, twelve is ten two). We have also worked on the concept of one more and one less with teen numbers.

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful teacher appreciation treats this week. I really feel spoiled and pampered. So many thoughtful treats and gifts really made this week feel special. Thank you so much again!!

Field trip information is coming home today for our kindergarten trip to Odiorne State Park on June 7th. Please review the information and send in the permission slip (with the admission cost) by the end of May. Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions about this. Also, I’m in the process of planning our trip to release our brook trout. This will probably happen during the week of May 20th (the date is still to be determined). Please look for a letter and permission slip for this early next week. There will not be a cost associated with this trip. Also, we will be having our Big Buddies join us for this trip since we will be walking to release the fish.

Thank you so much for all of the Tricky Tray donations. The tray looks great! Please check it out at the Tricky Tray event today.

Family Math Night is coming up on Thursday, May 23rd. Please be sure to RSVP to this event just so we have enough supplies for each activity. It was a really fun night last year and it is looking as though it will be again this year.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms! Please be aware that the gift your child is bringing home has been “heat set” so that the decorations should be permanent.

Have a wonderful weekend!


April 19, 2019

Dear Parents,

I can hardly believe that we are already ready for April vacation! The year is certainly flying by! Our last two weeks have been filled with all sorts of fun activities, including meeting illustrator Ralph Masiello and watching the school musical Shrek. We have also been learning about the needs of a plant through an experiment where we planted radishes and watched them grow. There was one plant in the sunlight and one was covered in foil. We were surprised to see that the ones under the foil grew much more quickly (probably because of the moisture content) but were yellow instead of green. Our plants will eventually go into our garden in a few weeks. We have also been learning about Earth Day and how we can do things to help the Earth.

In Literacy we have continued refining our ability to tap words, especially those containing digraphs. We have also been learning about how to carefully listen to a sentence to record it accurately. Our new trick words included “by”, “my” and “do”. Next week we will be learning our last trick word “one”. We will continue to review our trick words throughout the remainder of the year. We began learning about opinion writing and will continue this after vacation. Our math has focused on building combinations up through 10 (and creating addition and subtraction sentences up to 10 as well). We have also begun working on developing our understanding of the teen numbers this week. We will continue with our study of teen numbers after vacation.

I am sending home all of the winter items (hats, gloves, etc) because I’m thinking we won’t need them after vacation. However, if we get a storm or have a really chilly day you may have to send them back in again.

Thank you for all of the donations for our dragon themed tray for Tricky Tray. I will be purchasing some items over vacation to go into the tray. Please look for our tray at Tricky Tray on May 9th and 10th.

Our trout are growing and will probably be ready to be released by mid-May. Please look for further information about our walk to release them after vacation.

Finally, I just wanted parents to be aware that our Kindergarten Visitation Day for next year’s class is scheduled for Friday, May 31st. Please be aware that there is no school for our current kindergarten on this day.

Have a wonderful weekend!

April 5, 2019

Dear Parents,

April has arrived and our class is searching for spring We’ve had a few glimpses of it but we are certainly eager to be outside and experiencing it fully. In literacy we have continued to learn trick words including “for”, “of” and “from”. We have also been working on tapping out words that include digraphs. The class is getting pretty good at them too! We are wrapping up our study of “all about” books in the next week and moving on to persuasive (opinion) writing. In math we have continued to work with addition and have also introduced subtraction this week. The children have been practicing coming up with all of the combinations that make numbers up through 10.

I will be placing the book order for this month on Monday, April 8th. If you would like to place an order please place your order (either online or on the order form) by then.

Our Tricky Tray is going to be dragon themed this year. I have recieved a few donations towards the tray. If you would like to contribute towards the tray please send in any dragon themed items before April vacation. Small monetary donations are also helpful and I will use this to make purchases for the tray over vacation.

The office wants parents to let them know if your child is going to be late or absent so please be sure to call or email the office so that they know. In the past I have been able to forward this information to them but they are now wanting parents to be sure to contact them directly instead.

Conferences have begun and I am enjoying having the opportunity to share all of our work with parents. I’m looking forward to meeting with many of you next week as well. If you have not yet signed up for a conference and would like to have one please either sign up on the sheet or contact me to set something else up.

Lastly, I just wanted you to be aware that on Friday, May 31 we will be having Kindergarten Visitation Day for next year’s kindergarten class. There will be no school on this day for the current kindergarten class. I wanted you to have this information in advance for planning purposes.

Have a wonderful weekend!

March 22, 2019

Dear Parents,

We’ve had a fun two weeks at school, including celebrating Dr. Seuss and St. Patrick’s Day too. We have also watched most of our trout hatch and have shared our work with our parents at Curriculum Night last week. In literacy we have continued to work on recognizing digraphs in words and learning how to tap out words that have digraphs in them. We have also learned some new trick words, including “they”, “or” and “for”. We have worked on creating more “all about” books too. In math we have been learning how to listen to a story problem an then translate that into a picture that leads to making a number sentence. We have also worked on finding all of the combinations that make 6, 7, 8, and 9.

Progress reports are going to be coming home on Friday, March 29 in an e-mail. Please contact the office if you don’t get your child’s progress report. I will be sending out a conference sign up sheet soon. Please look for this right around the time you get your child’s progress report. It will be in the form of a sign up genius.

Tricky Tray is coming up in May. This fun event is similar to a giant raffle where different groups donate themed trays. All the money raised through this annual event goes to a group in town called FOCUS. This group helps the school by donating money to help defray costs of items for classes/programs at the school (such as funding author visits, artist in residence visits, helping to support children going to science camp, etc). If you haven’t experienced this event before and you have further questions about it please reach out to me and I will be happy to explain it in more detail. Our class tray will be donating a dragon themed tray. I am looking for donations to help fill our tray up. These items should be new items and could be for a variety of age groups (ideally we will have items for children and adults too that follow a dragon theme). If you would like to donate an item please send it in before April vacation. If you would like to donate but are unsure of what to send in, please feel free to email me for ideas/suggestions-feel free to be creative though. Also, small monetary donations are helpful (I will take whatever money has been donated and purchase items for the tray over April vacation).

In your child’s folder this week is a Square 1 order form. Your child’s original artwork (from art class)is in the bag with the order form and some free stickers (printed with your child’s piece of art).You are able to order additional items printed with your child’s artwork on them.

Finally, I just wanted to remind you that we will be having Grandparents’ Day on Friday, April 19th. If your child’s grandparents are going to be joining us please be sure to fill in the form in the Bridge so that we have a sense of how many grandparents to expect.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Dear Parents,

Our class has returned from vacation full of excitement and energy for learning. I hope each of you had a wonderful week with your child. They all had wonderful stories about their vacation adventures and seemed excited to share their experiences with their classmates.

This week we have been learning about Dr. Seuss and participating in activities for Read Across America. We also were able to watch our school spelling bee today. Throughout the last two weeks our literacy activities have included learning the trick words “I”, “you”, “be” and “me”, spending time working with digraphs to identify their sounds in words and distinguishing between long and short vowels. We have also begun to write “all about” books, which allow us to be the experts to tell all about a topic. We’ve also been practicing learning our last names (some children already knew them but about half didn’t). We will continue to work on this skill but please support your child by helping him/her to practice learning his/her last name at home too. In math we have been working on building number sentences from stories or number bonds. We have also tried to find all the appropriate number sentences for a group of numbers (for example 2+3=5, 3+2=5, 5=2+3, 5=3+2). Finally, we spent time learning about becoming weather watchers and using the clues outside to help us determine the weather.

Next Wednesday, March 13, we will be having our Curriculum Night Open House from 5:00-6:30. Please plan on being at school for whatever part of the time frame works for you. Your child will be able to give you a tour of our classroom and show you some of their work. We are very excited to share our work! I look forward to seeing you there!

Progress reports will be coming out for the second trimester near the end of March. I will remind you of this again in a future memo and give you the specific date then. We will also be setting up conferences for the end of March/beginning of April later on this month. I’ll let you know when I send out the sign up genius to schedule conferences.

Finally, I have a few reminders. On Monday, March 18th we will be having a teacher workshop day and therefore, no school for students. Also, if you are planning on ordering from this month’s book order, please be sure to do that by Monday, March 11th at 3:00. I will finalize and submit the order at that time. Lastly, please plan on voting on Tuesday, March 12th. The voting that is happening that day concerns the budget for the school so it is important that parents of students currently at the school voice their opinions by voting.

Have a wonderful weekend!

February 15, 2019

Dear parents,

We’ve had a holiday filled two weeks! Between the 100th Day and Valentine’s Day there was a lot to celebrate. We’ve done many activities that have helped us to practice counting to 100. We’ve been learning some new trick words in Literacy, including “he”, “she”, “we”, “has” and ‘as”. We have also been learning about digraphs which are two letters that are “glued” together to make a brand new sound (sh, ch, th, wh, ck). In writing we have continued to work on writing true stories. We will be wrapping this up next week and moving to do some non-fiction writing after vacation. In math we have continued to break numbers apart to see the hidden partners (3 and 5 make 8 for example). Also, our brook trout eggs have arrived and we’ve had a chance to observe them in their frigid (36 degree) tank!

We have had some difficulties with lunch sign ups lately. Some children have been asking us to change their lunch choice from what parents have put on their ticket. If you could please speak to your child and be sure they are comfortable with the selection that would be great. Unless I hear differently from you I’m going to stick to what the ticket says. If you are okay with having your child change the selection please let me know that (either send a note or an email). This will help us to know how to proceed when we are signing children up in the morning. Also, just as a refresher, an “x indicates that you want your child to have hot lunch, “p” means pizza, “pbj” means peanut butter and jelly and “s” means salad.

Please save the date! We will be having our Curriculum Night on Wednesday, March 13 from 5:00-6:30 for grades K-2. This is set up like an open house and will allow your child to show you some of their current work.

Also, a quick reminder that if you send in money with your child please label it so we know where it is going. The children often forget where the money is going and that leaves us guessing. Thank you, in advance, for your help with this.

There is a new book order in your child’s folder. If you are planning on ordering, please know that if you order $25 on-line you get a free $5.00 book.

Next week, we are looking forward to a few special events. On Friday, February 22 we will get to be a part of a drumming concert with our Artist in Residence Soweh Mensa (from Ghana). We will also get to jump in the Jumprope for Heart event on the same day. Please be sure your child is dressed in comfortable clothes and brings sneakers on this day.

Have a wonderful weekend!

February 1, 2019

Dear parents,

And just like that, it is February! I can hardly believe that January is over and we’re thinking about the 100th Day already. Even though it has been cold and we haven’t always been able to go outside, we’ve still been busy in our classroom. In Literacy we’ve been learning some more trick words to add to our collection, so our entire list is now : “a’, “are”, “and”, “as”, “has”, “his”, “is”, “the”, and “to.” In writing, we continue to discuss ways to make our writing easier to read: putting spaces between words, using pictures to tell about the story, using punctuation, writing neatly, and hearing more sounds in the words we write. In math, we finished Unit 3 in our Eureka math work and did a lot of comparisons with measurement, weight, and capacity (i.e. taller, shorter, heavier, lighter, more full, less full, or the same). We started Unit 4 and worked on simple math sentences/equations using number bonds (two circles with numbers inside them leading to a third circle with the sum of the other two numbers;2 and 3 are each in a circle and have lines leading to another circle with the number 5 inside). The children are doing a great job understanding this concept and have been enjoying our use of hula hoops to demonstrate this concept.

Our class is excited to be part of our 100th Day of School parade next Thursday, February 7th. The weather forecast looks as though we won’t be getting any snow before that day, so the parade will most likely be on February 7th (unless we have a snow day between now and then). As a reminder, in honor of this celebration, I am looking for each child to represent 100 items in a creative way. If your child completes his/her poster beforehand, please feel free to send it in ahead of the 100th Day. We will also be participating in other fun activities in our classroom in honor of the 100th Day.

Our class will be having a Friendship Party in honor of Valentine’s Day on Thursday, February 14th. I have the class list posted on my website for your reference (and I sent one home with anyone who gets the paper memo about two weeks ago). Please feel free to send in valentines but please be sure to include one for every student if you send them in. Please look for a sign up genius in the next week as well, requesting party food and supplies.

Finally, just a few reminders. I’m noticing many children forgetting their library books on Fridays. Please assist your child in remembering to bring them every Friday. Also, please be sure to send your child with outerwear every day, including a coat, hat/hood/ mittens/gloves, snowpants (if there’s snow on the ground) and boots. We do try to go outside every day (unless it is below zero) so children need to be prepared to go out.

Have a wonderful weekend! Happy Superbowl weekend too!

January 18, 2019

Dear parents,

Happy Friday! Another fabulous week has passed at school. I have to say the children look a little tired, probably since this is the first full week we have had in quite some time. We learned our first two trick words, “a” and “the” this week. Trick words are ones that can’t be sounded out (you just have to know them). We will continue to learn more words as the year progresses. Feel free to include these in any practice you are doing at home. In writing, we continue to work on our abilities to write independently (independently listening to the sounds in words and recording them, independently making sure that our pictures match our words, etc.) and we are still working on telling true stories. Our math work has focused on counting practice and the concept of more/less when comparing groups of objects. We also spent some time learning about Martin Luther King Jr in our Scholastic News magazine. We talked about how he tried to make changes using his words in a peaceful manner. In talking to kindergarten students about him we focused only on the positive aspects of his life. We did not share any information about his death because we didn’t feel as though that was appropriate information for this age group (we only said that he was not alive now).

We have two exciting days quickly approaching. The first one will be the 100th day of school, which should be on Thursday, February 7 (unless we have any snow days between now and then). Please find a separate letter in your child’s folder about our 100th Day of School parade. In honor of this celebration, I would like for your child to make a poster of 100 items. Most people choose to group items in an organized way (10 groups of 10, 2 groups of 50, etc) but you and your child can decide what makes sense for their project. Please send this poster in to school by the 100th day. If you need assistance in finding supplies please let me know. I have included one example on my website for you to look at as a rough guide and there are many creative ideas on Pinterest too.

The second day is Valentine’s Day, which is on Thursday, February 14th. We will be having a small celebration of friendship on this day. You are welcome to send in valentines with your child, but please be sure that you send one for every child. I have attached a class list to my memo. I will send out a sign-up genius party list as the date gets closer which will ask for a few food and paper good donations.

We are also excited to tell you that we will be welcoming some brook trout eggs into our classroom soon (near the end of January)! Through a program designed for schools, we are able to obtain about 100-200 brook trout eggs from the New Durham Fish Hatchery. We have a tank set up with a chiller (keeping the tank at a very chilly 36 degrees) and will house the eggs as they become fish. In late April/early May the fish will be released into the Lamprey River. Our class will be able to observe the eggs as they transform into fish and begin to grow and change. We will be spending time learning about their life cycle too.

We had author/illustrator Michelle Nelson-Schmidt meet with our kindergarten classes today. The children made “what if” monster ear hats to wear in honor of her visit. We enjoyed learning about being an author and an illustrator.

Finally, we are getting low on “real” tissues. We do have the ones the school provides but they tend to be rough. We could use a few boxes of the softer ones as we tend to go through many of them at this point in the year with all of the sickness going around.

Have a wonderful, long, and snowy weekend!

January 4, 2019

Dear Parents,

Happy New Year! The children have returned eager to learn and enthusiastic about their fun experiences over vacation. We have enjoyed playing in the newly fallen snow this week too. I know they are excited to go sledding at school when we have a bit more snow in the future.

Our literacy focus has been reviewing how to segment (or tap) words out. We are practicing our upper case letter formation too. This week we learned that there are two types of vowels. Long vowels say their name but short vowels do not. In writing we have been telling about our vacation experiences. Math has focused on learning comparative words such as more, fewer and the same. We have also looked at groups of dots to see the hidden partners in them (4 and 5 in 9, etc).

Towards the end of January our class will be welcoming some brook trout eggs into our classroom. We will watch them hatch and grow before releasing them into the Lamprey River (near the James City Bridge) sometime in late April or early May. I will send updates about their growth over the next few months. We will spend time making observations and learning about the brook trout’s life as well.

If your child has snack on a day where we have a delayed opening for school or a cancellation please still send in the snack for that day. We will either serve an afternoon snack or save it for a future day. Also, remember that on your child’s snack day (beginning January 8th) your child may also bring an item to share. Please consult my previous memo for suggestions or ideas (or send me an email if you need further ideas).

Have a wonderful weekend!

December 14, 2018

Dear Parents,

We have been busy over the last few weeks. In Literacy we have been putting our sounds together (called tapping) to make words. Many of us are becoming quite skilled with tapping out three letter words. We have also been reading many variations of the Gingerbread Boy and comparing them for similarities and differences. Our writing has continued to focus on “how to” stories. We have learned how to add labels to our pictures to make our writing more clear. In math we have been learning about weight and using a balance to find out which item is heavier/lighter. We have also been learning about the capacity of different containers. We have used dried beans to check if containers have the same capacity or if they are larger or smaller.

Next week, on Thursday, December 20th, we will be having a Winter Celebration. I have sent out a sign up genius with details about the items we’re looking for. On Friday, December 21st the teachers will be treating the class to a pizza lunch. If you don’t think your child will eat pizza for lunch feel free to buy/send in a lunch for that day. Please email me if you plan on buying/sending in a lunch so that I can adjust the pizza order accordingly.

I’m noticing many children are forgetting to bring their Library books back each week. Please try to assist your child in locating their books and putting them in their bag on Friday morning so that they can fully participate in Library activities.

Beginning on January 8th, I will begin having children bring in a “share” on their snack day if they choose. Shares could be a picture (either a real picture or a digital picture that is emailed to me), a favorite toy or stuffed animal, a collection of items ( for example a rock collection) or a story to share. Please talk with your child before bringing their item in so they know basic information about it. They will have the opportunity to tell the class about it and then it will be on display in the classroom for the rest of the day.

Finally, for the next two weeks there will be a college aged student in our classroom for a job shadowing experience. Liam Riley, a former DCS student, will be with us beginning on Monday, December 17. The children are excited to meet him and are looking forward to spending time with him.

Have a wonderful weekend!

November 30, 2018

Dear Parents,

Happy last November Friday! Due to our last snow day on Tuesday, November 20th, I never got to wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving day with your families! Your children worked so hard on Thanksgiving placemats. I am thankful that we were able to get them home to you at last , even if it was after the holiday.

In word work, we have now officially learned all 26 lowercase letters and the sounds that go with them. The focus now is segmenting/tapping sounds to figure out words. For example, the word cat is tapped as /c/ /a/ /t/. Each individual sound is tapped out (thumb to pointer finger for the c, thumb to middle finger for the a, and thumb to ring finger for the t). Then each individual letter is blended together to say the word. We will continue to practice this skill throughout the year.

In Math, we began Module 3 which focuses on measurement and revisiting counting (“one more than, one less than”). The students have been comparing lengths of objects to lengths of items such as cube rods, strings, and popsicle sticks as we practice the concepts of shorter and taller. We also have begun counting beyond 10 using the “Say Ten” way. For example, ten one, is really ten plus one, or 11; ten two is really ten plus two, or 12.

In writing, we have continued our lessons about “how to” books and have been learning to write out detailed steps and draw pictures for each step. Cooking books, books containing science experiments, and sports books all are great examples of “how to” books since they have detailed steps and pictures. We are trying to write about topics that we can teach others about. Recently, as a class, we have worked on making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and then writing a class book to show all of the steps. Yesterday, we also followed a set of “how to” directions to make rice krispie treats (and the class enjoyed eating them too).

Progress reports will be available to families on Friday, December 14th through ALMA and will only be sent out electronically. Should parents want a paper copy, they can request one directly from the administrative assistant at DCS, Kandy Davitt, at Families should have an active ALMA account which they can update themselves at any time (i.e. address and/or contact information). Please also contact the office if you are having any difficulty with setting up your account.

Please assist your child in remembering to bring in their snow clothing every day. Many children have been disappointed lately when they have gone to their backpack to find they are missing their boots and snowpants. I only have a very limited number of spares (and no spare boots) so it is important for each child to have their own. Please also help your child to practice dressing with outdoor clothes (including zippers on coats and putting mittens on independently). We are always willing to assist children, but it is important that children know how to do this themselves (and it will also help us to have more time outside). Please also practice shoe tying with your child, as this is also an important skill to master in kindergarten.

We will be having a winter celebration on Thursday, December 20th. I have not finalized details for this yet, but it will include some fun activities, games and a few snacks over the course of the day. I will send out a sign-up genius in the next week to request items (snacks and papergoods) to be donated for this purpose. Due to the nature of our schedule for that day and the adults I currently have in the room, I will be able to run the activities without additional parent help,

Have a wonderful weekend!

November 16, 2018

Dear parents,

It has been a chilly week here at school and it is feeling like winter has really arrived, especially with today’s snow. The children enjoyed noticing the many changes at recess including frozen puddles, frozen barkmulch, wind that can take your breath away and snow. In literacy we have continued to learn letters and sounds. We learned “v”, “w”, “x” and “y” over the last two weeks. Next week we’ll be learning our last two letters “qu” and “z”. In writing we have finished up writing true stories and are moving on to write “how to” stories. The “how to” stories tell, in detail, how to do something (how to get dressed, how to play soccer, how to make a sandwich, etc). Next week we’ll be attempting to write our own “how to” books with a few cooking projects. In math we have been working with both 2-D and 3-D shapes. I have included a newsletter about this in your child’s folder. We have been learning basic shapes including triangles, rectangles, circles, hexagons, squares and then for 3-D shapes we have learned about spheres, cylinders, cubes and cones.

We do go outside every day unless it is raining. Please be sure to send your child with a coat, snowpants, boots, hat/hood and gloves/mittens for recess. Children without snowpants and boots aren’t allowed to play in the snow (and it is no fun to be the one child stuck on the pavement while all of your friends are playing in the snow/sledding). Please also be sure your child has a pair of shoes/sneakers with him/her to wear while inside. We prefer children to wear shoes at school instead of slippers mostly because we never know when we’ll have to leave for a firedrill and most students won’t be able to safely leave the building (walking over icy ground) with slippers. If you want to leave a second pair of shoes or outerwear at school that’s fine, but just please let me know. Typically, we send students home right from recess so they will be coming home in their snowpants (unless you let me know that they should leave them here). If your child would like to bring in a sled, the one type of sled that our school allows is the roll up type. I do have some here to share but you are welcome to send one in as well. Please label all items (clothing, outerwear, sleds, etc) with your child’s name.

Finally, just a reminder that next week is a short week. We have school on Monday and Tuesday, November 19th and 20th, but no school on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, November 21st-23rd because of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Have a wonderful weekend!

November 2, 2018

Dear Parents,

We have had a great two weeks! With our Harvest Party and lots of fall themed activities we have been very busy. This week our class made applesauce and started some projects related to Thanksgiving. In Literacy we learned the letters “p”, “j”, “h”, “k”, and “l”. We have continued to practice rhyming and syllable work. We have also been working on recognizing the initial sounds in words. We have continued to work on writing stories that have a beginning, middle and ending that all go together and recording all of the sounds we’re hearing in the sentences we write. In math we are continuing to work with numbers. We are also beginning to work with shapes (triangles and rectangles).

Thank you so much to all of the moms and grandmas who came in last week for our Harvest Party. I really appreciate all of the support you provided and your patience as we moved through many activities. Also, thank you so much for all families who supplied items for our party. I appreciate your willingness to send in items in order to help us celebrate Fall.

The weather is beginning to get fairly cool. Your child will need a jacket everyday for school. A hat and gloves are also a good idea (I have loaned many out lately but my supplies are beginning to dwindle as I don’t have enough to lend to the entire class). Please label each item with your child’s name. Also, if your child’s spare outfit (to leave at school) included shorts, it would be a good idea to swap them out for pants at some point. Finally, if you have any clothes in your laundry at home that have a “KPL” on the label, maybe you could just send them back in at your earliest convenience. They are part of my collection of extra clothing (which is getting a bit “slim” due to being used frequently).

Two quick reminders about scheduling for November- Monday, November 12th school is closed in honor of Veteran’s Day. Also, school is closed from Wednesday-Friday, November 21st-23rd for the Thanksgiving Break.

Have a wonderful weekend!

October 19, 2018

Dear parents,

Happy Friday! The weather has certainly been cooler this week with typical fall temperatures. Now that the weather has become cooler, please send in a coat for your child as we go outside every day. You may also want to send in a hat and gloves for your child to use at school.

It has been great beginning to meet with parents this week! I look forward to continuing more conferences with families next week!

This week in our word work we learned about lowercase “e” and “r”. In writing this week our focus has been to add even more details to our stories. We worked on practicing telling our stories first before we write them on paper. During writing workshop the students have met with their classmates as both writing partners and listening partners. They exchanged ideas, got support, or just listened to each other.

In Math, we have been working on writing numbers up through 10 and continuing with counting sets and drawing sets up through 10 as well. Focus this week was on “one more”. For example, students practiced matching numbers and “one more” with a dot set ( the number 4 plus “one more” matches the card with 5 dots on it). This week we used pumpkins for Math and Science. We will decorate the pumpkins next Friday, October 26th. We spent time observing our class tree and noticed the changes in the colors of the leaves.

We will be having a Fall Celebration next week on Friday. I will be sending out a sign up genius requesting a few supplies over the weekend. Thank you in advance for your help with this event.

Finally, picture re-take day is coming up next week on Wednesday, October 24. Also, please note that day is an early release and the students are leaving school at 12:30.

Have a great weekend!


Just a reminder that it is Red Ribbon Week next week…


MONDAY: Team up against drugs (favorite team jersey or blue and white school


TUESDAY: Wake up drug free (pajamas)

WEDNESDAY: It’s crazy to do drugs (crazy hair and/or crazy ou4it)

THURSDAY: Put a cap on drugs day (favorite hat)


October 5, 2018

Dear Parents,

Another busy two weeks are coming to a close and the kids are tired. I think the fair last weekend wore them out! I hope you were able to see our fair project at the school building while you were at the Fair. We were all excited to see that we earned a blue ribbon with our project!

We enjoyed releasing the last of our monarch butterflies this week. We have begun to learn about apples this week and participated in a taste test based on color. You’ll have to ask your child about his/her preference in apples (red, yellow or green). In literacy we have been working on rhyming and have learned the letters and sounds for a,g,c, and o. We have continued to write stories based on our personal experiences and many children are beginning to feel comfortable adding a label or a few words to describe their pictures. In math we have been playing counting games and continuing to work on number formation through 9. We have also been working to recognize the “hidden partners” in a number (for example, 3 and 5 are the hidden partners in 8).

We eat in the cafeteria every day and the children are becoming more confident with opening their own containers and managing their lunches. Kindergarten staff are there to support them as necessary though and will help with opening containers, packages, etc. Please avoid sending food in glass containers as it tends to break.

I’m noticing many children bringing jewelry and toys from home. These items tend to become distracting and dangerous (lots of jewelry is ending up in children’s mouths) . Also, the nurse asks that jewelry be removed before playing on the playground to prevent children from becoming caught on the equipment. Beginning in January we will start having a “share” time when children can bring in items from home on their snack day. I’ll send more information about this when we’re ready to start our “share” time.

Conference time is nearly here! I’m excited to have the opportunity to sit down with you for a “getting to know you” conference. I will have some assessments and work to share with you during this time as well. Please look for an email invitation next week to a sign-up genius for a conference time. If you do not get one by next Friday please contact me.

Finally, please be sure to send a note if your child’s dismissal plan changes. You can certainly email me the night before or send in a note the day of the change. If you send an email please do not assume that I have seen it unless I respond to the email. If something happens during the day and plans need to change please call the office and they will get the message to me; I am not able to consistently check email throughout the day so please don’t send last minute changes to dismissal this way.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

September 21, 2018

Dear Families,

I can hardly believe that September is almost over. Our class has been working diligently and is beginning to settle into a routine. We learned the letters “i” and “u” this week in word work. We continued to work on writing true stories and many children are able to label at least one part of their picture. In math we have continued with accurate counting and learning number formation. Our monarch caterpillars are growing and four of them have made a chrysalis (one even escaped and made a chrysalis on our finished work box). We are anxiously watching to see them change and emerge.

Our class has also been working on creating a fair project for the Deerfield Fair with the other kindergarten classes. It is starting to look pretty fabulous! Please be sure to check out our project while you’re at the fair. It will be at the School Building on the fairgrounds.

After this week I will be sending home a memo every other week (unless I have the need to send one home every week). For those families that access the memo electronically, I will always send you an email letting you know that one has been posted.

You can find The Bridge, our weekly Deerfield Community School newsletter, by going to our school website at If you still want to have a paper copy please email to let the office staff know.

Have a wonderful weekend!

September 14, 2018

Dear Parents,

Another week is coming to a close and we are continuing to keep busy in our kindergarten classroom. We have learned the letters and sounds for “m” and “n” this week, begun to write some “true” stories, and worked on playing counting and name games. We have also had the opportunity to explore some of the materials in our classroom. We ended the week with a science experiment to see if we could predict which balloon rocket would go faster (if we were given two choices). We also got to see two of our monarch caterpillars each become a chrysalis and we are anxiously awaiting their emergence into the world as butterflies!

I sent home a packet of book orders about two weeks ago. If you are interested in ordering please return any orders to me by the end of the school day on Monday along with your check (payable to Scholastic Book Club); alternatively you may place the order on-line using the code that was on the letter. Books typically arrive about two weeks after I place the order and I will send them home in your child’s backpack.

Fundraiser packets are coming home today from PTO in your child’s folder. The money raised will directly benefit your child (some money is used now to defray field trip costs, help pay for craft supplies, etc and some is used to pay for future class projects and trips). Please return all orders by October 1st.

If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at or 463-7422, ext 120.

Have a wonderful weekend!