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Good Information!
Author Cynthia Lord shares her thoughts on the power of choice when young readers choose books.  You can read it here: Power of Choice 

At Kensington, students will have the opportunity to read and/or listen to books nominated for NH awards then vote for their favorite.
Kindergarten through third grade participate in the Ladybug Award, and Grades 4 and 5 participate in the Great Stone Face Award.  These books are recommended by NH school librarians.  Each award includes 10 or 13 books that our students will read.

LadyBug Books 
*voting in December
Great Stone Face Books
*voting in April 
Woodpecker Wants a Waffle
Albert's Almost Amazing AdventureWhen Friendship Followed me Home
 What to Do with a Box Ghost
 Water Princess Mutt's Promise
 Hank's Big DayIf the Magic Fits 
 A Bike Like Sergio's The Last Fifth Grade of Emerson Elementary
 A Hat for Mrs. Goldman Mrs. Bixby's Last Day
 Nanette's Baguette The Bicycle Spy
 Elwood Bigfoot The Courage Test
 Dragon Was Terrible The Curse of the Boggin
  Save Me a Seat
  The Secret Life of Lincoln Jones

Wonder is an amazing book by RJ Palacio.  
The movie comes out November 17th.  
Have you read it?  
Do you want to see the movie?  
I wonder how much the book and the movie will be alike?

Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick is another fascinating book that has been made into a movie.  
Have you read it?  
Will you see the movie?  
Which will be better, book or movie?

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Solar Eclipse!

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Have fun with NASA!

Students visit the library weekly with their class. Kindergarten students may check out one book, and grades 1 through 5 students may check out two books.  

Books must be returned to check out more books!

We all must be considerate and respectful to ensure our materials last as long as possible for everyone to enjoy!

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