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Good Information!
Author Cynthia Lord shares her thoughts on the power of choice when young readers choose books.  You can read it here: Power of Choice 

At Kensington, students will have the opportunity to read and/or listen to books nominated for NH awards then vote for their favorite.
Kindergarten through third grade participate in the Ladybug Award, and Grades 4 and 5 participate in the Great Stone Face Award.  These books are recommended by NH librarians.  

LadyBug Books 
*voting in December
Great Stone Face Books
*voting in April 
After the Fall
Amina's Voice
 Bunny's Book ClubThe Explorer 
Charlotte the Scientist is Squished Jake the Fake Keeps it Real 
 Hello Goodbye DogThe Losers Club 
 Jabari JumpsPodkin One-Ear 
 Not Quite NarwhalThe Real McCoys 
 Pocket Full of Colors The Sand Warrior
 La Princesa and the PeaSpirit Hunters 
 The Rooster Who Would Not be QuietStrongheart 
 A Small Thing...But BigThe Trail 
 The Truth as Told by Mason Buttle 
 Wedgie & Gizmo 

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Students visit the library weekly with their class. Kindergarten students may check out one book, and grades 1 through 5 students may check out two books.  Students check out more books as needed for special projects!

We all must be considerate and respectful to ensure our materials last as long as possible for everyone to enjoy!

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Mrs. Cheri Eastwood

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