Welcome to Computer Science at La Jolla High School!

La Jolla High School's Computer Science pathway is a fast-paced program that provides an amazing breadth of opportunities to equip students with the foundational and applicable understanding of computer science that can be used in further pursuit of a college computer science degree or in the workforce.

The pathway includes introductory, AP and Advanced courses. Several of the courses available in the pathway are college credit eligible, and some will include industry mentors to facilitate project development, exposure to potential internship opportunities and a service learning project. Programming languages covered included Python, Snap, and Java.

In order to meet the needs and career goals of our students, we are continually redesigning the pathway to include new courses, facilities and new educational concepts such as "Genius Hours." We are currently in the application process for grant funds to redesign the computer science area and purchase new equipment, as well as incorporate robotics into the curriculum.

The La Jolla High School Computer Science Pathway 2019-20 courses currently include:

  • Foundations in IT
  • AP Computer Science Principles
  • AP Computer Science A
  • Computer Science 3,4 (in 2019-2020)

Note that Ms. Stuart is also the Robotics Club mentor and sponsor - blending exposure to computer science, engineering, and robotics.