Mr. Thad Snyder

VA/US Government, IB Theory of Knowledge, and Psychology

Salem High School 2017-2018



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 US/VA Government



 Potential Journal Topics

Materials Needed for Class ( A 2" Binder to store printed notes, a folder for mapping handouts, a Composition Journal)


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US Government


Salem High School Golf Team Information

Team Rules    Player Information

7/31 Tryouts @ Hanging Rock
8/1 Tryouts @ Hanging Rock
8/2 Tryouts @ Hanging Rock
8/3 River Ridge Match @ Pulaski
8/7 Heritage @ London Downs 9:15 am
8/9 Metro Day 1 
8/10 Metro Day 2 
8/14 River Ridge Match @ Cave Spring
8/21 River Ridge Match @ Christiansburg
 8/28  River Ridge Match @ PH
9/5 River Ridge Match @ Blacksburg
*9/7 River Ridge Match @  Salem
*9/14  Duel Match at Lord Botetourt 
*9/18 River Ridge Tournament @ PH
*9/28 Region IV Tournament at Blacksburg
10/9-10/10 State 4A Tournament






All images have been taken from Google Images

1. Nero can be found at www.accla.org

2. Reformation Map at humanities.ucsd.edu (R.R. Palmer and Joel Colton A History of the Modern World 6th Ed. New York Alfred A. Knopf, 1984

3. Otto von Bismarck at history.sandiego.edu

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