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Fitness first- Every Child, Every Day


The Salem City Schools Physical Education Program is committed to educating students to lead healthy and physically active lives. Our program provides students with the opportunity to maximize personal fitness through a standards-based curriculum. 


Our mission will be accomplished by:

  • Delivering a research-based curriculum with articulated K-12 content and skills
  • Implementing a standards-based movement curriculum that integrates health education concepts
  • Creating an environment that promotes movement and lifetime fitness
  • Utilizing motivational instruction to empower students to make healthy choices (personal fitness, movement and skill concepts, nutrition, and responsible behaviors)
  • Developing an ongoing and systematic approach to student wellness
  • Incorporating technology to improve student learning relative to fitness and health education
  • Using various assessment tools to measure student growth and achievement
  • Teaching hands-on activities that relate to everyday life
  • Building administrative support and awareness
  • Investing in parent and community partnerships
  • Promoting school-wide and community support and advocacy
  • Establishing program and instructional goals based on student and program data

East Salem Elementary School, in conjunction with the City of Salem School Division, believes that physical education is an integral part of the total educational program. We are concerned with the total growth and development of students through group and individual activities. These activities supplement each student's development by promoting physical fitness, self-confidence, leadership and sportsmanship.

The emphasis for grades K-2 is development of basic locomotion and manipulation skills. These skill are taught in a variety of ways by the P.E. teacher and reinforced by the classroom teacher in low level games and playground activities.

Grades 3-5 utilize the basic skills in higher level activities such as problem solving games and modified sports.  Students in grades 3-5 start to learn basic health and nutrition concepts through movement activities.  The fourth and fifth graders are assessed throughout the five components of fitness.

Please contact your child's Physical Education teachers if you have further questions or concerns.

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