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Specials Schedule is as follows: 

Monday - Gym

Wednesday - Music and Computers

Thursday - Art and Library

This week in Room 3B:  June 5th

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a very happy, safe and blessed summer vacation.  It has been a privilege teaching your children this year.  God bless you and your families!!!

:  reading the historical fiction expository text: Life as a Homesteader, reading summer passages and answering questions utilizing text evidence based on those reading passages
finding facts from each summer reading passage and writing those facts down on their summer reading fact sheet

Math Skills ice cream sundae fraction worksheet activity, answering summer mathematical story problems on task cards utilizing the four different mathematical operations where needed, practicing addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts

Spellingreview unit

This week's words are:  until, enjoy, forget, Sunday, garden, market, basket, jelly, pillow, lesson, cherry, arrow, dollar, button, thought, rough, laugh, bought, cough, caught, through, river, little, summer, later, uncle, travel, color, belong, alone, above, between, begin, alive, before, expect, mirror, naughty, whistle, awhile

Grammar skills: prefixes, utilizing editing marks to fix grammar mistakes within the context of sentences, contractions, nouns, synonyms, homophones, predicates, possessive nouns, pronouns, and cause and effect

Religion  describing ways they can use God's grace to bring the Kingdom of God to today's world, answering What Would Jesus Do scenarios, sharing ways they are going to help God's Kingdom grow this summer


Handwriting:  practicing capital and lowercase cursive letters     

Science: Penny Experiment - writing their hypothesis and conducting their experiment based on surface tension!!!!

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