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Specials Schedule is as follows: 

Monday - Gym

Wednesday - Music and Computers

Thursday - Art, Library and Spanish

Week of February 19


Reading -   Survival 

Essential Question:  How can people help animals survive?  

Literature Anthology:  Whooping Cranes in Danger

Expository Text:  Protecting the Islands

Reading Skills:  oral reading, vocabulary, comprehension, identifying characteristics of informational text, identifying the author's point of view in a text, suffixes

Vocabulary:  caretakers, population, recognized, relatives, resources, success, survived, threatened

Accelerated Reader Quiz - Thursday, February 22nd

Math -

Skills:    dividing by 0 and 1 following mathematical division rules, multiplying by 6 utilizing counting by 6's and doubling a factor to get two equal addends, multiplying by 7 by counting by 7s and utilizing the multiplication table, and practicing multiplication facts for 2, 5, and10 - 100 fact test in 5 mins., 100 x by 3 fact test in 5 mins., and 100 x by 4 fact test in 5 mins.


Spelling:  compound words

birthday, anyone, sometimes, everything, homework, afternoon, airplane, grandfather, something, himself, faraway, grandmother, without, herself, someone, cannot, scorekeeper, everybody,

Vocabulary words: helicopter, freight, transportation, passenger, emergency,

Grammar skills: separating words into syllables, identifying prefixes in words and their meaning, identifying abstract nouns within the context of sentences, identifying prepositions and their usage within the context of sentences, utilizing quotation marks to show conversation within the context of sentences, adjectives, choosing conjunctions to connect two simple sentences together, and utilizing editing marks to fix grammatical mistakes within the context of sentences

Religion: identifying the biblical story of how God saved the Israelites from Pharaoh's army, identifying the parallels between God's give of manna in the wilderness and the Holy Eucharist, identifying ways to keep God's covenant we received at Baptism, and describing ways they can keep their covenant with God by their actions in today's world

Handwriting:  lowercase cursive letters:  a, d, and g

Science:  observing and recording life cycles of butterflies, frogs, and mammals in chronological order

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