Welcome to Ms. Lisa's Universal Pre-K Class!

Ask your child each day what they learned in school.

Please label everything with your child's name, especially clothing.
We are writing our first and last  names each day. Practice at home too.
Folders come back to school each day.
Folders need to be emptied each day.

Notebooks go home on Monday and come back on Friday completed. 

Blankets go home on Friday to clean and brought back Monday.

You can send me messages on remind Monday through Friday from 7am to 5:30pm.

We follow Creative Curriculum.

Our unit of study is... 

Curriculum Books-Week of 


week of 

Vocabulary for 


We are working on all the letter:

We are reviewing all numbers.
We are working on addition and subtraction using word problems

 The alphabet-   identify, letter sound, words that begin with letter, and writing the letter.
We do review numbers and letters each day.

.numbers-We identify, write, and match each number to a quantity.

                                                             Please read 20 minutes each day!

              Scholastic Book order  Due  Every order gets our class free books for our class library.
                                               Please order online with our class code-NMM99