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 Happy 2018!

Welcome to Ms. Lisa's Universal Pre-K Class!

Ask your child each day what they learned in school.

In January, the children are writing their first name and tracing last name. We will also start learning sight words 1-2 a week. 

Sight words-week of:
Jan.2- the
Jan. 8-go
Jan. 16-is
Jan. 22-can
Jan. 29-see, I
Feb.4- in,we
Feb. 12-up, a
Feb. 19- Review 

Please label everything with your child's name, especially clothing.
We are writing our names each day. We are starting to trace our last names.  Practice at home too.
Folders come back to school each day.
Folders need to be emptied each day.
Please start practicing to zipper coats with your child.

We follow Creative Curriculum.

Our unit is.....

Curriculum Books-Week of Feb.19,  2018
Llama Llama Red Pajama
Little Red Riding Hood

Concepts/skills-week of Feb.19, 2018
Describing words
Critical Thinking
sorting and classifying
alike and different
kwl chart
Bar graph
expanding language
Small, medium, large
Wonder Questions
Memory Games
Bigger Than
Smaller Than
Equal to
Shaving Cream letters
Observing Changes
Retelling a story
Identify numbers 1-10
More or fewer 
Story Problems
Adding ..altogether

Vocabulary for Clothing Unit
clothes, special, fanned, tally, clothespins,
fabric, pajamas, small, medium, large,
tape measure, yardstick, ruler,
bigger, smaller, equal, measure,
nervous, powder, liquid, solid, Laundromat,
clothesline, straight, curve, slant,
mend, sketch, design, fashion designer,
seamstress, tailors, stitch, huipil, tapestry,
loom, weave, knit, crochet, cloth,
appreciate, decent, rhythm, manager, salesperson,
cashier, tattered, splotched, splattered, uniform,
neighborhood, protect, patient, sequence, inspiration,

We are reviewing the letter:Week of Feb. 19, 2018
Review A-R
Using the letter
Writing the letter 


.  identify, letter sound, words that begin with letter, and writing the letter.
We do review numbers and letters each day.

.numbers-We identify, write, and match each number to a quantity.

Please read 20 minutes each day!

Scholastic Book order  Due               .   Every order gets our class free books for our class library.

February Dates-
2-Groundhog's Day
12-100th day
13-Mardi gras 
7-Dentist Visit
14- Valentine's Day Class Party-sign -up sheet coming soon.
15-Chinese New Year Celebration
16-T-shirt Decoration-one special guest.12:45