Sully Science

Welcome. I am Mr. Sullenberger [Mr. Sully]. I have been at Russia since the 2005-06 school year. I teach all of the Physical Sciences in Junior High and High School and advise several academic extracurricular activities. I have always had a fascination with science which was encouraged by several good teachers in elementary and junior high. It was a history teacher and guidance counselor who convinced me to teach and my physics teacher who showed me the subjects I loved. Specific course information is located on other pages here on this site as are links to the extra-curricular activities I run. Please feel free to call (x127) me or to contact me via e-mail.

Many files that I upload are in Microsoft Office 2007 or later if you have an older version files might not open properly, but Microsoft has a free compatibility pack that will allow you to open, read and print those files that you can download for free here. Also, some of the *.pdf files I upload require Adobe AIR to use the interactive or audio-visual features- a free download is available here.

This calendar is a general schedule, for course specific events, please navigate to the specific course.