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Filing a Marriage Certificate in Russell County, Alabama
How do we file for a marriage certificate?
Effective 8/29/2019, to obtain a certificate of marriage, you must go to the Alabama Department of Public Health Website.

What do we do once we have the form?
When you are finished filling out the form, you are required to have the form notarized.

Notarization is NOT provided within
this office for these forms.

Do we still have a wedding ceremony?
The requirement of a ceremony has been removed and is not a requirement to form a marriage.  However, you are welcome to have a ceremony if you choose.  

Still have questions?
Questions about the law should be directed to the Center for Health Statistics at (334) 206-2714

Want to file a complaint?
Contact Senator Greg Albritton at 
(334)261-0843 or (251)937-0240

For filing information about marriage certificates
Please contact our office

Cost to file the marriage certificate?
Filing a Marriage Certificate is $75 and cash only.

How do I file the marriage certificate?
You may bring the certificate into the office directly or mail it in.  If you choose to mail your certificate, we are not responsible for the certificate and/or the cash getting lost in the mail or not arriving on time.

When do I have to file?
It would be the responsibility of the couple to present a completed certificate to the office within 30 days of the last date the form was notarized..

How do I get certified copies?
Certified Marriage Certificates are offered at a cost of $4.00 each.  They must be requested.

What times do you file marriage certificates?
We file marriage certificates Monday through Friday from
8:30 am until 4:45 pm Eastern Standard Time