Nutrition scientists, kids, foodies and normal people love our rice! Here are a few ways people have tried our rice so far. Feel free to just browse the list, and remember to check back for new inspiration!


"We've finished off the entire [2.2lb] package...Flavor is excellent, we really liked it both alone and in combination with brown rice"

- Marc R.

"Got it. Cooked it. Ate it. Gave it to my kids (5 and 2-1/2).


Easy to prepare, smells wonderful

while cooking.

Tasty and fluffy

My 5 year old didn’t take to it, but my 2-1/2 year old ate it by the handful the night we cooked it and then ate it when we packed it in his lunch that went to daycare (good sign, because he can be a picky eater when it comes to “leftovers”).

General opinion: The higher nutritional content is a big plus. I think it is more “attractive” than white rice, and visual factors can have a tremendous impact on acceptability and preference...As a nutrition scientist and person who enjoys cooking, to me the higher nutritional content and the appearance were enough to sell me. I would choose this instantly over white rice. And I found it to be “fluffier” than brown rice, which I think is one reason some people who are accustomed to white rice are less inclined to make the switch to brown rice."

- Chris G., leading Nutritional Scientist

"I had some of your red rice today again – it’s lovely!"

- Marcos G, Exotic foods social entrepreneur

"I wanted to try it for breakfast as a grain. It is loaded with nutrients,particularly protein, low in saturated fat and calories...I served the red rice with buttermilk. Fantastic combination."

- Sandra C, Food blogger

"It is delicious. We tried it with a Moroccan stew which we typically have with couscous...it went really well!!"

- Dee and Vishal, San Francisco

"[We] _loved_ the Pachchaperumal red rice. We tried 2-3 dishes including Conji and sambhar rice and they all tasted great. The rice has a distinct flavor of its own which we enjoyed. Thanks again, and you can look forward to more purchases from us :)."

- Aarti and Sudarshan, Mountain View

"I...cooked it for dinner with my parents...and they loved it! Now, these are people who were raised in middle-class America in the 50's and 60's and who had only been exposed to Uncle Ben's growing up...Anyway, we had a wonderful dinner of poached wild salmon and roasted Brussels Sprouts, and the Sri Lankan red rice was the perfect accompaniment."

- Megan A.

"I just had a couple of people over for dinner and made a delicious salad with your red rice! Everyone LOVED it.

- Steph W.

PS - this is the recipe I used http://www.101cookbooks.com/archives/red-rice-salad-recipe.html"

"We had it recently and we love it. Want to have more! :-)"

- Sanjaya and Nipuni W.

'...the rice has cooked up beautifully.. slightly nutty texture sort of ”can pass for wild rice” would you agree.???'

- Dawn A., Agribusiness entrepreneur