ROWT, Rural Oregon Wireless Television, is a not for profit corporation established to economically provide over the air television to some rural areas of Oregon.

Working in conjunction with the local television stations in Portland, Oregon, ROWT operates and maintains TV Translators to rebroadcast the signals to provide News, Sports, and Network programming for a very reasonable cost. 

Enterprise / Sheep Ridge Translator Notice


Rural Oregon Wireless Television (ROWT) has ceased operation of the KGW, KPTV, KATU, and KOIN translators at Sheep Ridge, providing TV service to the Enterprise, OR area. Due to budget and maintenance constraints, ROWT is unable to continue the operation of these channels. These translators are also in the Spokane Nielson DMA (Designated Market Area) which further reduces the funding available since they are not in the Portland DMA.


ROWT has been in discussions with Blue Mountain Translator District (BMTD) to take over the operation and maintenance of the translators. Unfortunately, BMTD has not been able to obtain the funding support from Wallow County. Viewers are encouraged to contact the Wallow County Commissioners to request the funding needed for BMTD to restore the translator operation.