Who We Are

At Rollinsford Grade School, we are...

  • our students: children in grades K-6 who are beautifully diverse, full of potential, and who deserve an education that honors their individuality and unique strengths.
  • our teachers: lifelong learners who strive to provide a variety of research-supported learning opportunities that engage our students and enrich their lives.
  • our community: the families who join us in celebrating the individual genius of each child, as well as our neighbors for whom this school serves as a unifying center.
  • the world: that which we strive to both 1) bring to our students through authentic tasks & experiences, and 2) share our own learning with.

RGS Promise

I, for one, promise to

Respect others,

make Good choices,

keep myself & others Safe.

If I see someone

being teased or hurt

I, for one, promise to

Reach out,

Get help,

or Speak up

Will U 2?