Fourth Grade Supply List

Grade 4 Suggested Student Supplies


Our school will provide general classroom supplies such as pens, pencils, erasers, scissors, paper, glue, markers, and colored pencils. You are welcome to bring in your own personal supplies if you wish. If you choose to bring markers, the markers should be washable. Please leave mechanical pencils at home.

Personal student supplies needed:

  • A few pads of square sticky notes for reader’s workshop (replenish as needed throughout the year)
  • Pencil box (approximately 5”x9”) or pouch
  • Sketch pad (for free drawing during quiet time, science, and social studies)
  • Earbuds/headphones
  • 1” binder (please be sure of the size so that it fits in the space we have in the classroom)
  • Scotch Tape
  • ½” or 1” binder for homework folder (one with side pockets & please be sure of the size)
  • Quiet water bottle
  • A stiff ruler for math and science (flexible will not work with some projects)
  • Flashcards for addition, subtraction (single digit by single digit) , multiplication & division (through 12 facts)

Classroom Wish List:

  • iTunes gift cards for classroom iPad apps
  • Blue tape
  • Puffs Tissues with Vicks

Extremely helpful items:

  • Rain gear (Boots, Jacket & pants) We go outside as often as possible

Please hold on to this list as it will be a good reference throughout the year. Students may keep it in their homework folder for safekeeping.

See you in the fall,

Mr. Stevens