Come On In

The Wonders within...

Are you wondering what you will see when you walk into our classroom? Pull up a seat and peer in.

As I was thinking about a layout for our classroom, I had one goal in mind and that was to create a comfortable, engaging, and safe learning environment. My hope is that this goal will be reflected in your student's social and academic growth throughout the year.

are for your child.

One of the notions incorporated in this layout is for our classroom to be a space in which the students feel a sense of belonging and ownership. There are very few spaces within this room that are reserved solely for the teacher. We maintain a sense of ownership by keeping our space clean and workable.

Together we can... our success.

Our year will be an incredible journey and it will take a lot of cooperation to be successful.

We start out our year with many cooperative activities called group initiatives. The students are given a task or goal to meet. Throughout the activity we take time to debrief and think about what we are doing well and what we will need to work on to improve or meet the goal. These activities provide the basis for how students will work in cooperative groups while engaged in academic activities or tasks.