This page is dedicated to links that students use to learn about an assignment or showcase their work. These links are for student and teacher use, yet will give you an idea about what we are learning as a class. I am learning how to use Google Classroom and may be moving this page.

If you're curious about your student's progress, have them log into their school account to show you their progress.

Ella Kate Ewing — Use this site to view some more primary sources and artifacts. If an add pops up, just click continue to site. Compare this site with the Tallest Man site. What do you notice? How do the viewpoints change?

Every living and any thing that moves needs...ENERGY! — Use this page to explore resources that may give you the knowledge to meet our ENERGY learning targets.

Historic Missourians — Check out this site and learn more about Ella Ewing.

Information — New England has a rich history and Vermont's road to statehood was interesting to say the least. Read to find out what the fourth graders learned about the Revolutionary Era.

Narrative: Writing Realistic Fiction — Students have worked hard to compose a realistic fiction narrative. Take some time to read what our awesome authors have composed!

Outline of Vermont — Copy this image to begin creating a map of Vermont. When you past it in your drawing on Google Docs, make sure it's in the checkered space.

Persuasive Essay — Did you read that article? Did you hear that story? Chances are if you did, you have an opinion and so do our fourth graders. Check out their efforts as they try to persuade you to take their side.

Persuasive Essay 2016-2017 — Have you ever had an opinion and you tried to persuade someone to change his or her thinking? Our fourth graders out in their efforts to create exciting essays! Check them out!

Physical Map of New England

Physical Map of Vermont

Poetry — April is poetry month. Take a look and read what our young poets wrote about. In each is a description of the elements of poetry that the student included in the poem.

Political Map of New England

Political Map of Vermont

Resources for Vermont's Political and Physical Features

Revolutionary Links — Check out this hub to find links to various sites related to the Revolutionary War as we read our class novel Green Mountain Hero.

The Tallest Man: Ella Kate Ewing — Use this site to jump right to information on Ella Kate. Compare the secondary source information with the primary source photos that follow the text. What do you conclude?

Virtual Vermont Draft — Check out my start to creating a map using Google tools.

Writing Process Checklist — Click on this link to show where you are in the writing process for our realistic fiction unit.