Welcome to the SABER Tenure and Promotion Special Interest Group!

This interest group was formed at the 2016 Society for the Advancement of Biology Education Research (SABER) National Conference. The primary purpose of this group is to serve as a resource and point of connection for tenure-track DBER/SoTL Assistant Professors in higher education. Additionally, this group has an interest in post-tenure review and promotion from Associate Professor to Full Professor. The group is open to any individual with interest in these topics.

Tenure and Promotion Topics:

  • What is the tenure process at my institution?

  • What is the timeline of the tenure process?

  • What materials must be present in my tenure dossier?

  • What materials (if any) should NOT be included in my tenure dossier?

  • How should my dossier be put together?

  • Can I use examples from already-tenured folks in my department/at my institution?

  • How can I get help?

  • What happens if I don't get tenure?

Other topics to suggest? Resources to suggest for this site?

email: kmetzger@umn.edu

SABER website

SABER 2017 National Meeting website

SIG Meeting: Saturday July 22, 5:15-6:15

Location: Bruininks Room 330

Q&A Panel


Q&A Panelists:

  • Brian Sato

  • Jenny Knight

  • Jamie Jensen

  • Erika Offerdahl

  • Rebecca Price

  • Brittany Smith

Topics we hope to address in this session include:

  • How to prepare and gather experiences now that will help me on the job market and in future job

  • What we can do as assistant professors to try to increase the chances of earning strong external letters?

  • Navigating departmental politics as a pre-tenure professor. Specifically, how do you say “no” when the person you are turning down (for projects, service, other requests) may influence your tenure decision?

  • What is the role of "fit" in tenure decisions? Is there a way to address fit in your portfolio?

  • Are there resources that identify leading journals in our field that can be used to orient those unfamiliar with BER?

SABER 2016 National Meeting website

This website and interest group is being maintained by Kelsey Metzger and is recognized as a formal SABER Special Interest Group (SIG) recognized by SABER PI (Dr. Mary Pat Wenderoth) and Co-PIs. This group is an extension of SABER's stated mission to support faculty engaged in scholarly teaching and DBER endeavors.

SABER Mission Statement

SABER is a scientific community whose members develop theory and generate evidence with the goal of improving biology education. SABER fosters Biology Education Research (BER) and its dissemination by defining the standards for BER practice, supporting the BER community through training and faculty development programs, and fostering collaborations among BER investigators

SABER fosters Biology Education Research (BER) and its dissemination by supporting:

  • faculty as they employ scientific methodology in their teaching;

  • the generation of evidence-based knowledge to inform teaching practices;

  • development of BER training and faculty development programs;

  • national BER meetings;

  • standards of BER practice and evidence;

  • articulation and investigation of what constitutes a deep and meaningful understanding of biology

  • collaborations among BER investigators.

Questions about SABER?

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Questions about this group?

Contact Dr. Kelsey Metzger: kmetzger@umn.edu