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The Visual Arts and Technical Theater department aims to support PVPA productions through Stage, Lighting and Costumes. Our Visual Art classes are aimed at building essential foundation skills in these disciplines. Classes offered by Carl Bridge are aimed at building knowledge and techniques that can be utilized in theatrical prop, costume craft or scenic fabrication. 
    All students in any Visual Art course at PVPA are expected to build an understanding of the Elements and Principles of Design as these concepts are present in all of our work. 
    Class critiques will be utilized both as a means of building familiarity with these concepts as well as offering feedback to student on the artwork that they create. Students are urged to refer to the Guidelines for Class Critiques.

    Student work from Carl's Sculpture and crafts classes can be viewed here.

    While the shop is a unique environment within PVPA, students enrolled in classes using this must adhere to the same policy regarding use of PEDs.

    Many of these classes utilize tools and materials that hold an inherit danger beyond that of most classes at PVPA. All students in Stagecraft as well as any students wishing to utilize power tools must fill out waivers containing both PVPA's Student Activities Permission and Release of Liability and Addendum specific to Stagecraft and Lighting

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 by emailcbridge@pvpa.org
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How to access copies of course materials

Send me an email at the above address and I can get copies to you