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Supply List for 2019-20
Welcome to the 2019-20 school year!!!  

Below is my supply list and important information for the class.  To the left, please click on either 7th grade or 8th grade to access the HW calendar.

Please email me with any questions/concerns.

7th and 8th Grade Supply List
Please purchase before the first day of school the following items for Math:


This list is for each student to  KEEP with them in their backpack.

1.  One Backpack - No lockers, so everything is kept with them all day - most teachers send a textbook home - so the backpack is for supplies, not textbooks.

2.  One 2 pocket 3-pronged plastic folder or small one inch (or 1/2 in) binder just for Math (to keep important hand-outs - Plastic/sturdy kind is much better than paper folder - you want it to LAST and not fall apart!)

3. One ruler to use at home for HW.

4.  At least 2 dry erase markers - BLUE OR BLACK (all year for whiteboard use -replace during the year)

5. Pencils, a lot of them! J

6. At least ONE colored pen for grading (must replace if lost)

7.  Calculator (I recommend TI30X IIS - it's usually about 10-12 dollars and will last you through the end of 9th Grade Alg 2) - if a student does not have a calculator, they can not use one in class.

8.  Extra Lead if you use mechanical pencils

Optional, but Helpful:
Highlighter (any color)
Colored pencils
Scotch Tape
Own personal pencil sharpener

Suggested Supplies for CLASS to share: (hand in to be kept in classroom) 
Packages of Lined Paper (it's best if I can have it in the classroom for students, it runs out fast)
Boxes of Wooden or Mechanical Pencils
Kleenex (you wouldn't believe how fast we go through them)
Clorox Wipes
Jolly Ranchers or hard candy/lifesavers/mints - I give it out for different reasons and it's the most expensive supply I buy all year!

You can certainly donate any supplies later in the year instead of in August.  It's always appreciated. :)

Student:  What is your job/role?

 ·      Show up J

 ·      Listen, pay attention…TRY.

 ·      Keep an organized notebook, take notes, and STUDY from your notes

 ·       Show WORK – show every step and be as neat as you can

 ·      Do homework & CHECK answers – we all make mistakes, learn from them

 ·      Ask/answer questions during class

 ·      Work Hard

 ·      Be Kind.

 ·      Believe in Yourself.

Many resources are available to help you be successful!

  1. Please let me know that you need help, and I will set up a time during 4th period STAT time for you to come see me.  You need to get a pass from me. (Every Tuesday - Thursday small group tutoring is available during STAT time)
  2. Auth Portal is something you will want to bookmark.  From there you can find many websites like Infinite Campus, PVLearners email, Khan Academy, and our new Math program Open Up Resources.
  3. Homework Club - This runs Monday - Thursday and is after school.  It's just a quiet place to complete HW in our Media Center.
  4. On-Line Tutoring - This is a free service offered by PVUSD.  Please click and read FROST Tutoring  to learn more.  
  5. Horizon High School Student Tutors - They are much cheaper than a certified teacher.  Please let me know if you would like more information about this, I can email you the information.  The new list usually comes out after the first few weeks of school.
  6. Khan Academy - - This a free web site with great video lessons and practice problems that go DIRECTLY with our new Math program - Open Up Resources (Illustrative Math).
  7. Buzz Math - every 8th grader will have an account. They sign in using google - their PV learners login/PW


  • Please note....when your child is absent from class, it will be entered as "missing" into Infinite Campus.  When they show me their missing homework, their grade(s) will be changed :)  I will accept late assignments up until the end of the chapter (right before the chapter test)
  • To see all assignments and assessments, you must log into Infinite Campus regularly.

Classroom Procedures:


The following is a list of information that will be helpful to you and your child as we get the school year underway:

Entering the Classroom: Please be in the classroom and ready to begin when the bell rings.  We have a tremendous amount of Math to learn and need every minute to do it. :)

Planners: Planners are given out the first day of school and must be brought to math every day.  In order to stay organized with each nightly assignment, students are expected to write their assignments in their planners.  They will write all assignments for the week each Monday.  If they lose their planner, they are expected to go to the office to purchase a replacement.

Homework: Math homework will be assigned 5 days a week.  All homework must be done in pencil.  Show ALL work, so I can see where you went wrong. If there is no work, the assignment will be considered "missing" until it is complete.  Homework will be graded during class with a COLORED PEN only.  Students (and parents) can verify homework assignments daily by clicking the 7th or 8th grade math link above in the upper left-hand corner.

Absences:   A new math lesson is taught each day, so attendance is crucial at the Middle School level.  If a student misses school, it is their responsibility to make up the work.  Assignments can be found by clicking the link above in the upper left-hand corner for 7th Grade HW Assignments.  

Grades: Grades are weighted in math.  
 75% of the student's grade will come from tests and quizzes and 
25% will come from homework and class work. 


Grades can be accessed online at Infinite Campus.  See link above in the upper left-hand corner.

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