Tomo ASAI [Ph.D.]

<Brief Biography>

Postdoctoral Researcher  (Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology, University of Tokyo, Japan, 2010)

Department of Cognitive Neuroscience

Advanced Telecomunications Research Institute International (ATR)

<Journal Articles>

・Selected publications

  1. Asai, T., Sugimori, E., & Tanno, Y. (2012). The body knows what it should do: Automatic motor compensation for illusory heaviness contagion. Frontiers in Psychology, 3, 244. PDF  
  2. Asai, T. & Kanayama, N. (2012). “Cutaneous rabbit” hops toward a light: Unimodal and cross-modal causality on the skinFrontiers in Psychology, 3, 427.PDF  
  3. Asai, T. & Tanno, Y. (2013). Why must we attribute our own action to ourselves? Auditory hallucination like-experiences as the results both from the explicit self-other attribution and implicit regulation in speech. Psychiatry Research, 2007, 179-188. PDF 
  4. Asai, T. (2015). Illusory body-ownership entails automatic compensative movement: for the unified representation between body and action. Experimental Brain Research, 233, 777-785 PDF
  5. Asai, T. (2015). Feedback control of one's own action: self-other sensory attribution in motor control. Consciousness and Cognition, 38, 118-129.PDF  
  6. Asai, T. (2016). Agency elicits body-ownership: proprioceptive drift toward a synchronously acting external proxy. Experimental Brain Research, 234, 1163-74. PDF) 
  7. Asai, T., Kanayama, N., Imaizumi, S., Koyama, S., &  Kaganoi, S. (2016). Development of embodied sense of self scale (ESSS): Exploring everyday experiences induced by anomalous self-representation. Frontiers in Psychology, 7, 1005. PDF
  8. Asai, T. (2016). Self is “other”, other is “self”: poor self-other discriminability explains schizotypal twisted agency judgment. Psychiatry Research, 246, 593-600.PDF
  9. Asai, T. (2017). Know thy agency in predictive coding: Meta-monitoring over forward modeling. Consciousness and Cognition, 51, 82-99. PDF
  10. Asai, T. Imaizumi, S. & Imamizu, H. (2019). The self as a generative, teleological, and subjective prior: Mutually-modulated temporal agency. bioRxiv
  11. Asai, T. (2019). Sine Qua Non of Self: The Triple Prerequisites in Sensory Attenuation. PsyArXiv,