The Treherne Elementary School Advisory Council (referred to as TESAC) is a non-profit organization that was formed in the fall of 1998. The council is a community organization dedicated to the education and the well-being of the child. The primary mandate is to promote the effective communication among the school, home and the community.

TESAC and TES are currently fundraising to upgrade existing playground equipment. Our new playstructure will be added to TES grounds in the fall of 2017!

TBD - President

TBD - Vice President

Jody Marginet – Secretary

Michelle DeDecker – Treasurer

Ross McKellar – Prairie Spirit School Division Trustee

Bobbie Earle – Principal

Leslie Rheault – Teacher Rep.

The TESAC mandate is to review, discuss, and make recommendations to the school staff and administration on:

    • School policy and procedures
    • Programs and services
    • Facilities and equipment
    • Parent/community education
    • Learning resources
    • Budget recommendations
    • Extra-curricular activities
    • Fundraising

TESAC’s past projects for our school include: promoting school spirit by purchasing a banner with a new tiger logo and ordering school clothing with same tiger; applying to the Tiger Hills & Area Community Foundation to purchase cordless microphones and new stage curtains; sponsoring the babysitting course; resurfacing the tarmac; paying a portion of new pea gravel under the play-structure, serving apple cider at the Christmas concert, lemonade at the spring concert and treating staff for Staff Appreciation Week; purchasing barbecues; and organizing “Bring Your Own Bowl” hot lunches.

TESAC also actively participates in developing the annual school action plan. The council also sponsors informational meetings for parents on a variety of topics (eg. Drinking and drugs).

TESAC is an organization that is run entirely by volunteers. Membership in the organization is open to all parents/ guardians of children attending Treherne Elementary School, along with any community members and staff of the school that are willing to volunteer for the council.