Mr. Jeff Small

Principal, Phys.Ed. 30F & 40F, ADP

Ms. Alison Delf -Timmerman

Human Ecology 10S/20S, Guidance TCI & TES

Ms. Brenda Park    


Mrs. Jennifer Roels

Essential Math  20S/30S/40S, Science 20F, Bio 30S/40S, Chemistry 30S/40S, Phys. Ed./Health 10F/20F, and ADP

Mrs. Eleanor Sampson

CDI, CFE, Commerce,  Life Work 15S/30S, Print Communications 25S, Graphic Communications Technology 30S, Digital Pictures 25S, Intro to Design Drafting 15S

Mr. Darrel Van Den Bussche

Math 10F, Physics 30S/40S, Science 10F/20F, Phys. Ed. 10F/20F, Intro. Pre-Calc/Applied Math 20S, ADP

Ms. Wendy Wirth

English 10F/20F, English Literary  Focus 40S, Geography 20F, History 30F, Canada and the Contemporary World 10F

Mrs. Judy Dickson

ADP, Reading is Thinking 15S/20S, English Comprehensive 30S/40S, Current Topics in FNMI 40S, Graphic Communication Technology 30S

 Educational Assistant

 Ms. Liz Clayton

 Educational Assistant

Ms. Robyn Honig

Educational Assistant

 Mrs. Lyndsi Martel

 Educational Assistant

Mrs. Lisa Lee

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Jean Penner


Ms. Michelle Leaver

Head Custodian

Mr. Kirk Rogers