Ms. Brenda Park
Principal, Math 10F, Essential Math 20S, Credit Rescue & Recovery

Ms. Alison Delf -Timmerman
Human Ecology 10S/20S, Guidance TCI & TES

Mrs. Kaitlyn Coates

Mrs. Jennifer Roels
Essential Math 30S/40S, Biology 30S/40S, Chemistry 30S/40S, Science 20F

Mrs. Eleanor Sampson
CDI, CFE, Commerce, Life Work 15S/30S, Print Communications 25S, Graphic Communications Technology 25G/30S, Desktop Publishing 35S, Business 10S

Mr. Darrel Van Den Bussche
Physics 30S/40S, Science 10F/20F, Phys. Ed. 10F/20F/30F/40F, Intro. Pre-Calc/Applied Math 20S

Ms. Wendy Wirth
English 10F/20F, English Literary Focus 40S, Geography 20F, History 30F, Canada and the Contemporary World 10F, Science 10F

Mrs. Judy Dickson
English Comprehensive 30S/40S, Visual Art 30S/40S, Credit Rescue & Recovery

Mrs. Lisa Lee - Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Jean Penner - Librarian

Ms. Liz Clayton - Educational Assistant

Ms. Robyn Honig - Educational Assistant

Ms. Michelle Leaver - Head Custodian