Michelle Berard:  Principal,  Grade 9 Science/Agriculture 30S

Diane De Roo: Administrative Assistant

Erin Michiels:   School Counsellor

Joanne Bradley-Durand: Resource Teacher

Janice Beernaerts: Head teacher, Career Development Teacher, Choir, Band, Family Studies 40S, Food and Nutrition 9-12, Personal Finance 20S, Grade 10 Geography Split, Lifework Planning.

Gail Kotschorek: Grade 10 Essential Math (both splits), Applied 40S, Applied 30S, Essential Math 30S, Psychology 40S, Introduction to Applied and Pre-Calculus 20S, Student Services

Lexi Hacault:  Grade 9 ELA, 9-12 Visual Arts, Grade 12 ELA, Grade 10 ELA split, Grade 9-12 Drama, Graphic Communications Technology.

Kae-Lynn Bibault: Grade 10 ELA split, Grade 9 Social Studies, Grade 10 Geo split, Global Issues 40S, Environmental Design, 9-12 Francais

Marvin Gundrum: Grade 9-12 Phys-ed, Biology 30S, Biology 40S, Exercise Science 40S

Nathalia Fernandes Vieira - Transitional Grade 9 Math and Grade 9 ELA

Donald Ritchie: Essential Math 40S, Grade 10 Science (both splits), Chemistry 30S, Chemistry 40S, Pre-Calculus 40S, Pre-Calculus 30S, Law 40S, Reading is Thinking

Eric Weiss:  History 30S, 9-12 Woodworking, Grade 9 math, 9-12 Design Drafting, Information Communication Technology, American History 20S

Vanessa Rigaux  - Credit Advisor

Stephen Dracul: Learning Resources Area Facilitator

Diane Bessette:  Educational Assistant

Kayla Poiron:  Educational Assistant

Caitlin McClymont: Educational Assistant

Laura Grenier:  Educational Assistant

Michayla Peacock:  Educational Assistant

Lisa Bessette: Custodian

Gerald Bessette: Custodian

*Physics 30S and 40S will be offered through IITV by Darrel Van Den Bussche