123.hp.com/setup | HP Printer Setup and Driver Download


Have you purchased an HP printer and would like to set it up right now? So, the first thing is that you will need to install your printer and the HP printer application ahead of time to start printing documents and images. To find all the features of HP printers, visit the website 123.hp.com/setup.

Instructions to Restore the Default Settings on your HP Printer

The following instructions can help you to restore the default settings on your printer:

● Most of the printers come with a touchscreen: Over the touchscreen section of your printer, you will find a Restore Settings menu, Wireless menu, standard settings menu.
● From that menu, choose the Restore Network Defaults option.
● If you have a printer without a control panel menu: Tap the Wireless and Cancel buttons for a moment and remove your finger only when the Wireless and Power lights blink.
● If you have any of the all one-printer like HP Envy Pro 6400, 6000, DeskJet Plus IA 6400, and 6000 then, tap and hold the Windows option available on the backside of the printer for about 5 minutes and remove your finger only when the Edge lighting flashes the purple in color. You may have to try numerous times to flash up the light.
● If you have HP Tango printers then, tap and hold the Wireless button available on the backside of your printer till you see the front light flashing blue.
● Lastly, if you have HP Laser (excluding the LaserJet) printer, then tap and hold the Wireless option till you see the blinking of Attention lights. Eventually, the printer gets restarted.

Instructions to Download the HP Smart Application on Devices

You have to download HP Smart Application on your Smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS) to initiate the HP printer setup. The app is available for both Android and iOS-based devices on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, respectively.

For Android Smartphones/tablets

The following instructions will help you in downloading the HP Smart application on your Smartphones or tablets with the help of the Google Play Store:

● Launch the Google Play Store on your Smartphone/tablet.
● Type “HP Smart” text in the navigation tab.
● Then, you have to find the application with the title HP Smart and developer name HP Inc. from the list of applications on that page.
● Tap on the Install button, wait for a moment until the download completes.
● After that, tap on the “Open” option.

Now, you have successfully downloaded the HP Smart application on your Android Smartphone or tablet.

For iPhone/iPads/iPod touch

These instructions given-below can help you in installing the HP Smart App on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

● First, you have to launch the App Store application.
● Then, tap over the search tab.
● Type “HP Smart” text there and tap on the search button.
● Tap on the Install button, wait until the download completes.
● Then, tap on the Launch button.

Now, you have successfully downloaded the HP Smart application on your iPhone/IPad/iPod touch.

You can also download the “HP Smart application” by visiting the website 123.hp.com/setup with the help of easy steps. For manual installation, you can use the below-given stepwise process.

Instructions to Install the HP Smart App and Setup the HP Printer

To install the HP smart app on your device and set up the printer, follow the instructions given below:

● Ensure that the printer is near the Wi-Fi router in case you are attempting to set up wireless connectivity.
● Remember that you have to load the paper into the primary tray and turn on the printer.
● After that, launch the HP Smart app to continue with the installation process.
● You have to follow the directives coming over your device screen to finish the setup for the type of connectivity you have chosen.

Now, you have successfully installed the HP Smart App and completed the Setup process for your HP Printer.
Instructions to connect your HP printer (Touch screen only) with the Wireless Setup Wizard

Use the Wireless Setup Wizard from the printer control panel to connect your printer to a local Wi-Fi connection.

● Ensure that you have placed the printer nearby the Wi-Fi router.
● Also, you have to ensure that the primary tray is full of papers.
● Go to the Network Setup or Wireless Settings options, choose the Wireless Setup Wizard.
● Choose the name of that wireless connection, and then type the password to finish the connection activity.

Instructions to Connect HP printer (Without Touchscreen) using Wi-Fi Protected Setup

Use the following instructions to connect your printer via Wi-Fi protected setup:

● Ensure that you have placed the Wi-Fi router near the printer.
● Also, load the paper in the main tray to its full capacity, then power on the printer.
● Navigate to the control panel of your printer and then tap on the Wireless option for a minimum of 5 seconds or until the light starts blinking.
● If you have a Tango printer, then tap and hold the Wireless and Power options available on the back part of the printer stop only when the blue bar starts flashing.
● For just two minutes, tap and hold the option with the title WPS given on the router till the time the connection process starts.
● Now, you have to wait for the light of your printer to stop blinking.