Honda Prelude

The Honda Prelude is a sports car built by Honda from 1978 through 2001. All Honda Preludes are front-wheel drive, 2-door hard-top coupes with 4 cylinder (inline-4) engines. The Honda Prelude spanned five different designs (generations) during its production. The Honda Prelude was designed by Honda to be a direct competitor to other sports coupes in the auto market. The main competitor models included the Toyota Celica, Nissan Silvia, Mitsubishi Eclipse, Ford Probe, Mazda MX-6.
Each generation of the Honda Prelude is distinctly identifiable from the other generations. With each new generation, the Honda Prelude was given new body styling, new engines and a new set of features. However, the basic purpose and passion of the Honda Prelude was retained accross all models. Each Honda Prelude produced was designed to handle aggresively, be fun to drive and nimble.
Under critical acclaim, the Honda Prelude did reasonably well. The Honda Prelude was on Car and Driver magazine's annual Ten Best list ten times, from 1984-1986 and from 1992-1998.
The five generations of Honda Prelude are broken down as follows:
1983-1987 - Second Generation Honda Prelude
1988-1991 - Third Generation Honda Prelude
1992-1996 - Fourth Generation Honda Prelude
1997-2001 - Fifth Generation Honda Prelude
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