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Hi all, welcome to my site!  Please take a look around, and check back frequently, as things will be updated.  To the side, you can find my class schedule with links to pages for that class.

Anne (Youngerman) Friederich

(563)-864-7651 ext. 408

About Me

I graduated from ISU with my B.S. in Biology & Psychology and my Secondary Education Teacher Certification.  After graduation, I took a long-term sub position for 8th & 9th grade science at Osage Schools.  I was able to come to Postville in 2008, where I taught in the high school for two years.  There I taught Chemistry, Forensics, Environmental Science, Food Chemistry (co-taught), Botany, and Advanced Chemistry.  In the fall of 2010, I made the move to the middle school, where I taught 6-8 science.  For the fall of 2014, I moved back into the high school building to teach 7-8 science in the junior high!

I am very happy to have the opportunity to teach at Postville.  It is a nice-sized district with great students and teachers.  Plus, it isn't too far away from my hometown and my husband's parents.   In 2010, I married my husband and we are lucky to have some awesome creatures:  Elektra, Ferguson, Benson, Crispin, and Simpson!  I am also lucky to have a niece and her twin brothers.  This year will be the seventh year that my husband had directed the middle school plays at our school and he also directs the HS and JH speech program.

I think I have loved science most of my life, and I tried to take every class I could in high school and definitely in college.  I hope to continue to improve our middle school science program and help students grow to love science too.  Ultimately, I hope to guide students to becoming scientifically literate people that can use critical thinking to make decisions in their lives and to see that science really is a part of almost everything.  I am excited about introducing students to a few new partnerships I have come into.  Students will have the potential to collect real-time data and submit it to scientists that will actually use the data.  How cool is that!?

I look forward to working with the students this year and I hope to work with many parents too!  Please contact me if you would like to know how you can be a part of our classes!

Things that I am Proud of
  • Donors Choose-2008 classroom set of scientific calculators
  • FCS Partnership Grant-2009 hot plates, electronic balances, safety goggles
  • Farm Bureau Teacher Supplement Grant-2010 red worms & compost bin
  • Donors Choose-2010 compost bin
  • Farm Bureau Teacher Supplement Grant-2011 greenhouse, peat pots, seed, gibberellic acid, fertilizer
  • Shell Science Lab Makeover Regional Winner-2011-2012-$3000 prize package, including $2000 to purchase materials for my classroom
  • Donors Choose-2013 6 Vernier UVB probes
  • Math & Science Institute (1)-June 2009
  • Iowa Chemistry Teacher's Consortium(1-UNI)-June 2009
  • Biotechnology II Workshop(1-ISU) -July 2009
  • Uncovering Thinking in Middle School Science (2 Morningside)-June 2010
  • Calming the Chaos (1-Morningside)-April 2011
  • Positive Solutions for Challenging Students (RC)-June 2011
  • IMPACT (IMPacting Achievement with Collaborations & Technology-4 UNI)-July 2011
  • Noncompliance and Defiance in the Classroom (3-Morningside)-January 2012
  • PLC At Work-June 2012
  • Earth I:  (Environmental Activities and Resources for Teacher enhancement-2 Drake)-June 2012
  • IMPACT-Experiences in Inquiry (1-UNI)-June 2012
  • Communities of Exemplary Practice-A Professional Development Framework for Middle School Teachers (Loras)-July 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016
  • Innovative Technology in Science Inquiry Scale Up (2 Drake)-July 2012, Fall 2012 (1 Drake), Spring 2013 (1 Drake) Summer 2013 (1 Drake)
  • DataStreme Atmosphere-Spring 2013 (3-SUNY Brockport)
  • Classroom Interventions for Children with Anxiety Disorders (1 Drake)- July 2013
  • DataStreme Climate-Spring 2014 (3-SUNY Brockport)
  • Well-Managed Classroom
  • Courses toward my master's degree in 5-8 STEM Education (three in)
  • GLOBE-Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment
  • STORM Project-The Science Center for Teaching, Outreach, and Research on Meteorology
  • S'COOL-Students' Cloud Observations On-line (NASA)
  • IOWATER-Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring
  • ITSI-SU-Innovative Technology in Science Inquiry Scale-Up
  • CoCoRaHS-Community Collaborative Rain, Hail, and Snow Network
  • Pilot Teacher for MySciLife-4th year year
  • Pilot Teacher for YouthAstroNet-2nd year
  • Pilot Teacher for SimScientists Physical Science-1st year
  • Member of NSTA-National Science Teachers Association-Current
  • Past member of ISTS-Iowa Science Teachers
  • Past collaboration with members of NSTA to develop curriculum relating to Large Marine Ecosystems (LME)
  • Member of the Educator's Personal Learning Network
  • Member of ASCD (Past)


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