Mrs. Robertson's Music Class

Pleasanton Unified School District, Pleasanton, CA

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Welcome to Mrs. Robertson's Music Class Page, where you will find Concert Music to listen to or to download for practice and memorization, Concert information, Lessons for learning at home, and just fun stuff!

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Lydiksen 1st graders - CLICK HERE!

Mohr 1st graders - CLICK HERE!

Lydiksen 2nd graders - CLICK HERE!

Lydiksen 3rd graders - CLICK HERE!

Mohr 3rd graders - CLICK HERE!

Lydiksen 4th graders - CLICK HERE!

Lydiksen 5th graders - CLICK HERE!

Concert performance dates for the 2019-2020 school year and the Lydiksen D.A.R.E. Culmination planned for April 28th has been cancelled.

The CHARACTER TRAIT SONGS for our monthly assemblies can be found here.

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πŸ‘« PARENTS: An interesting article about brain development and music study. 🎻.