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7th Grade Summer Letter/Supply List

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Students of the Month
 Respect & Responsibility Excellent
 Effort &
SeptemberIsabella Grasso      Nolan Wargo
 Ethan Gagnon
October Jonah WinklemanLeah Raucci Grace Derosier
November Nicholas DennisSeth LahoudStella Liebler
 DecemberCharles HergottAlison Wisz Julia Doyle
 JanuarySeason Thompkins     Madison Ross   Amica Rosario 
February     Raymond Lemrise   Michelle GryczewskiKelly Marquis
March  Emma RobertsMatthew KuczynkoKinza Fatima
 AprilJenna MorrellLuke Boeke Mia Plescher 
May Kendall Hall Seth Lizon Idalisse Ortiz 
June  Isabella SaturskiMadison Giancarli Leon Lopez Cruz 

Necessary Supplies

All students are required to bring the following supplies to class each day:

☐   1-1½ inch 3-ring binder (string bags are to be used for gym clothes ONLY)

☐   a single-subject notebook for science

☐   a three-subject notebook for social studies

☐   composition style notebook for math

☐  homework folder

   subject folders

☐   pencil pouch ☐   pens

☐   pencils ☐   colored pencils

☐   eraser ☐   several colors of highlighter

☐   ruler ☐   several packs of 3X3 post-it notes

☐ 1 thin/ultra thin Sharpie


☐   basic calculator

☐   silent reading book

Students are expected to have all these supplies throughout the entire school year!