Taconic High School

Counseling Office

High School Office (413) 448-9600

School Counseling Office Main Line (413) 448-9602

Mission Statement: In order to foster academic excellence, and inspire students to achieve personal goals at the highest level, the Taconic High School Counseling Department focuses on communicating to instill knowledge, confidence, and humanity, while providing a safe, respectful and engaging environment in which all students can learn and grow. Together, with families, teachers, administrators, and community members, our mission is to offer a comprehensive school counseling program of services that will empower all students to maximize his or her own potential for success by acquiring 21st century skills needed to become productive students, responsible citizens, and lifelong learners in a dynamic, diverse world.

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Please send all transcript requests to our secretary Mrs. Cindy Albert, at calbert@pittsfield.net

School Counseling Department Staff

School Counselors

Stephanie Shafiroff sshafiroff @pittsfield.net ext. 1632

  • 9th Grade A-D , 10th Grade A-D

  • 11th Grade A-D, 12th Grade A-C

Megan Pacheco-Heyde mheyde@pittsfield.net. ext. 1592

  • 9th Grade E-L , 10th Grade E-L

  • 11th Grade E-L, 12th Grade D-I

Brianne DeMarco bdemarco@pittsfield.net ext. 1602

  • 9th Grade M-R , 10th Grade M-R

  • 11th Grade M-R, 12th Grade J-O

Jillian Galvagni jgalvagni@pittsfield.net ext. 1612

  • 9th Grade S-Z , 10th Grade S-Z

  • 11th Grade S-Z, 12th Grade P-Z

School Adjustment Counselor

Shelby Love-Daly slovedaly@pittsfield.net

Rebecca Henault rhenault@pittsfield.net

Kelly Heck kheck@pittsfield.net

Administrative Assistant

Cindy Albert calbert@pittsfield.net ext. 1676

Graduation Requirements

Students wishing to earn a Pittsfield Public School District diploma must meet the following minimum class requirements:

English: 4

History: 3

Math: 3*

Science: 3

World Language: 1**

Physical Education: 4

Human Development: 2

A total of 244 Earned Credits

* Students with an EPP must enroll in and pass a fourth year of math

**CTE is exempt from Foreign Language

Students must also pass the following State Examinations:

Science MCAS


English Language Arts MCAS

*Students who score below proficiency on either the Math or English MCAS will be placed on an Educational Performance Plan (EPP) as per Massachusetts Regulations. Students on EPPs must pass their senior year course that corresponds to the exam*

Students interested in attending a four year college or university may need to take further courses to meet admissions requirements. For example, all Massachusetts State Colleges require classes:

English: 4

Math: 4

History: 3

Science: 3

World Language: 2 (1 for CTE)

Physical Education: 4 Human Development: 2