1. Tornado Watch: Issued to alert persons of the possibility of a tornado development in a specified area for a specific period of time.
2. Tornado Warning: Issued when a tornado has actually been sighted in the area or indicated by radar.
Procedures for Seeking Shelter in each Building - Do Not Use Elevators! Crouch down more away from windows and doors! Utilize restrooms and hallways!

IF TIME TO MOVE TO A SAFER PLACE WITHIN CAMPUS: evacuate persons to a safe area prior to a tornado, persons should seek shelter in the basement of the building or on the first floor along an interior wall to avoid windows and sky lights.


IF NO TIME TO MOVE FROM CURRENT ROOM/OFFICE: persons should seek shelter under heavy furniture, desks, or in a closet to avoid injury from debris (look around your area and select your shelter area after reading this policy). 


Interior location in emergency

 Frith    Restrooms
 Small Conference Room
 Lecture Hall 154

 Open Computer Lab B1
 Basement Storage B118
 If unable to locate to other floors: Restrooms or Stairwells

 Walker  Basement Level
 Philpott  Nursing Lab 118  (Internal classroom)
 Stone   Basement Level Computer Labs
 Restrooms, DO NOT USE GYM
 Maintenance Building   Tool/Supply Room
 LRC  Basement Mechanical Room
Off-Campus Locations:
 Patrick County Bldg.  Main Hallway or Bathrooms
 Franklin County Bldg.   Bathrooms or Stairwells
 SVAC  Basement
 Arrington Motorsports Bldg.    Room with no windows
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