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How To Join

Users, Developers and Project Managers, how to join People, Ideas & Objects.

The Users, Developers and Project Managers are compensated for their time involved in this development. The scope of these modules is well beyond what could be asked of a volunteer community, and the oil and gas industry is quickly becoming a $3.5 trillion industry. To initiate your involvement in this community please review the following.
  • Review the Preliminary Specification.
Gain a strong understanding of the differences of using the Joint Operating Committee. How the nature of the differences of this system contrast to traditional ERP systems. How these differences are captured in the Preliminary Specification of which the Performance Evaluation, Analytics & Statistics, Research & Capabilities, Knowledge & Learning, Compliance & Governance, Financial Marketplace, Resource Marketplace, Accounting Voucher, Partnership Accounting, Petroleum Lease Marketplace and Security & Access Control modules are part of. 
  • Sign the Copyright License. (E-mail me here
I am the beneficial owner of the copyright of the ideas expressed in the blog, wiki, and software development. This intellectual property must be maintained and held in pristine condition for these ideas to help the industry, and be available to all the participants in this community. Therefore it is necessary that everyone involved in this software development project have unencumbered access to all of these concepts. Both for software development purposes and their own service operation. The Copyright and End User License Agreement provides for this, and, assigns the copyright for the work done by each User, Developer and Project Manager back to me where it therefore remains available to other licensed users.

As mentioned earlier in this specification, the users are compensated for their time and should consider this software development project as a cornerstone of their future revenue and income. And to particularly those Users that wish to generate their service businesses based on this software offering! Please consult a lawyer if you have any questions. 

The management of the copyright has the added benefit of focusing the energies of the industry into one solution. We can not have multiple software developments being attempted at the same time. The scope of these developments require the entire industry to be involved in order for success to occur. 
  • Submit up to 2,500 words on how and what you could provide to this developing community. (In essence a mini business plan.)
What are your experiences in oil and gas, where do you think the industry could be more innovative if it had the software to enable it. What would that software look like and how you could contribute to its making. These User, Developer and Project Manager summaries will be posted in the People's wiki and enable user search and discovery of like minded people and resources.
Once you have completed this process you will be given an email address and access to the wiki and other tools. Please join us here.