Welcome to the companion website of "Persian in Use: An Elementary Textbook of Language and Culture" 
Leiden University Press & Baker & Taylor                                                                     
Persian in Use is a peer-reviewed elementary Persian language and culture textbook designed for first-year Persian language students at college level.
It offers a thematically organized and integrative approach to help students achieve proficiency in Persian language and culture. Persian in Use is organized around high-frequency topics and provides a clear set of communication goals for each lesson.

Persian in Use is the first Persian textbook that has been translated into German, under the title Persisch Aktiv.  

This companion website provides students with additional learning tools such as the downloadable audio and video files and interactive exercises such as Quizlets that are automatically graded for instant feedback. Instructors can also find helpful course management tools such as pedagogical guides, sample syllabi, and exams.


Colorful and lively design with over 200 illustrations and images 

Introduces over 1200 words including high-frequency expressions, idioms, slang, proverbs, and street talk

New vocabulary is summarized thematically/lexically

Interactive dialogues from everyday life in both spoken and written forms introduce students to contemporary usage

Authentic materials include samples of literary texts, poems, plays, film scripts, and even pop songs!

Engaging classroom activities and homework exercises with the integration of all four skills and the three modes of communication  

• Online Quizlets help students practice the new vocabulary in a variety of modes

 Relevant and practical cultural notes

 Provides material for "Differentiated Instruction" which help meet the needs of heritage students 

 Lively design and color-coded lessons help the learning process pleasant and enjoyable 

Appendices include: Glossary, Grammar review, and Verb charts (infinitive, present stem, past stem, and corresponding prepositions)  

 Corresponds to two semesters/three quarters of college-level study and follows the World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages 
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