2016 - 2017

The ESM department and the Association of Environmental Science Students (AESS) is pleased to continue the weekly science seminar. The purpose of this seminar is to provide a casual platform for the presentation of current research and new ideas. We hope that this will continue to be a valuable opportunity to present your work and to gain feedback from folks outside your lab and outside your area of study. We encourage everything from half-baked ideas that can benefit from an informal conversation to fully polished presentations on all subjects within environmental science. 

Starting October 7th this seminar will be held on Fridays from 3-4pm in SRTC-B1-82.  Snacks and coffee will be provided by the ESM department.  If you are interested in presenting, attending or have any other questions contact Casey Lewis (calewis@pdx.edu) or Amy Ehrhart (aehrhart@pdx.edu).

Seminar Schedule

 Date      Presenter    
 Affiliation        Presentation Topic       

10/7/16John RueterPSU/ESMWelcome and Introduction
10/14/16Yangdong PanPSU/ESMWhat can algae tell us about the Klamath River?
10/21/16Monica MogilewskyPSU/SOE     Microhabitat Influence on Lemurs' Perceptions of Predation Risk
10/28/16Rob Scheller PSU/ESMManaging Forests for an Uncertain Future
11/4/16Bernard RomeyPSU/ESMSalmon Intrinsic Potential Model: Why bother?
11/11/16Veterans Day    
No seminar
11/18/16 Meredith HolgersonPSUFrom organisms to ecosystems: A multi-scale approach to aquatic restoration and conservation
11/25/16Thanksgiving break
No seminar
12/2/16ESM Grad/Faculty Event
Holiday Party
12/9/16Final exams
No seminar
12/16/16Winter Break
No seminar
12/23/16Winter Break
No seminar
12/30/16Winter Break
No seminar
1/6/17Winter Break
No seminar
1/13/17Canceled Due to WeatherCanceled Canceled Due to Weather
1/20/17Peter Roolf, David Hall, and others    PSU/System Science    
Special Time: 3:45pm
Consequences of Proposed Presidential Policies: A Multidisciplinary Dialogue (Round Table Discussion) 
1/27/17Crysta Gantz PSU/SOEDetection of aquatic animals and plants using environmental DNA (eDNA)
2/3/17PSU Closed Due to WeatherPSU ClosedPSU Closed Due to Weather
2/10/17Tina MozelewskiPSU/SOEConsidering climate change in habitat restoration planning
2/17/17Danielle VernaPSU/SOERisk factors and policy actions influencing the spread of invasive species in ships' ballast water
2/24/17Melissa LucashPSU/ESMSpatial Resilience in Northern MN Forests
3/3/17Erin UptonPSU/SOEA Toast...or Toasted? A Social-Ecological Exploration of Wine Regions, Transformation and Climate Change
3/10/17Brooke CassellPSU/SOEClimate impacts on forest succession and wildfires in the Blue Mountains of Oregon
3/17/17Anne Weaver    PSU/ESMThe social acceptance of community solar: a Portland case study
3/24/17  Final exams
No seminar
3/31/17Spring Break
No seminar
4/7/17Andrew AddessiPSU/ESMLong-term Ecological Research in Forest Park: Tracking urban impacts on forest structure and productivity
4/14/17Dr. Max Bothwell 
NOTE: Room change to SRTC 155
Pacific Biological Station, Nanaimo, BCThe Didymo Story: The role of low dissolved phosphorous in the formation of Didymosphenia geminata blooms
4/21/17Casey LewisPSU/ESMNon-native mangroves of Moloka'i, Hawai'i: A socio-ecological analysis
4/28/17Brian McGannPSU/ESMLife finds a way - recovery of zooplankton communities following whole-lake disturbance 
5/5/17Viktor Myroniuk  National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of UkraineSpatiotemporal patterns of ignitions and burned area mapping: towards the development of strategies to mitigate wildfire risk in Chernobyl Exclusion Zone
5/12/17Erin LooperPSU/SOENitrogen removal potential in urban green stormwater infrastructure 
5/19/17Derric JacobsPSU    Adapting to climate change in fire-prone landscapes: How social and information networks develop or impede social capital for adaptive capacity
5/26/17Jenny HolmesSouthern Utah Wilderness AllianceWild Utah: America's Redrock Wilderness 
6/2/17Whitney McCleesPSU/ESMThe limitation of spread of non-native marine invertebrates from artificial structures to natural habitats
6/9/17Michelle Steen-AdamsPortland Forest Sciences Lab - USDA Forest ServiceInfluence of wildfire policy, law, and informal institutions on management and forest resilience in a multiple-ownership landscape, eastside Cascades, Oregon: A historical perspective
6/16/17 Final exams  No seminar