2018 - 2019

The ESM department and the Association of Environmental Science Students (AESS) is pleased to continue the weekly ESM Friday Science seminar. The purpose of this seminar is to provide a casual platform for the presentation of current research and new ideas. We hope that this will continue to be a valuable opportunity to present your work and to gain feedback from folks outside your lab and outside your area of study. We encourage everything from half-baked ideas that can benefit from an informal conversation to fully polished presentations on all subjects within environmental science.  

Starting January 18, 2018 this seminar will be held on Fridays from 3-4:00pm in SRTC-B1-82.  Snacks and coffee will be provided by the ESM department.  If you are interested in presenting, attending or have any other questions contact Dorothy Horn (dhorn@pdx.edu).

Seminar Schedule

 Date      Presenter     
 Affiliation       Presentation Topic        
 9/28/18    N/A  AESS Meeting to discuss yearly events and eat donuts
10/5/18Dr. Alex John BrewerJob TalkDrugs and Biomolecules in Environmental Matrices
10/12/18Dr. Jessica GoinJob TalkPolluted Groundwater: Where Does it Come From, Where Does it Go, Why do We Care?
10/19/18Dr. Atanu MukherjeeJob TalkSoil Chemistry: Soil Inorganic Components, Ion Exchange Processes/CEC, 
pH, and nutrients
10/26/18Dr. Catherine de RiveraPortland State University, Environmental Science and ManagementWill invasion patterns on marinas extend to surrounding communities?
 11/2/18Dr. Stephen PowersWashington State UniversityFreshwater, biogeochemistry, and people: Insights from ecosystem analysis

11/9/18Carole HardyPortland State University ESMHealth Benefits of Forest Park and the Value of Restoration
11/16/18 Dr. Lillian AokiUniversity of VirginiaSeagrass as a nitrogen filter: Restoration reinstates ecological function
11/23/18Thanksgiving break
No seminar
11/30/18Eric ButlerPortland State University ESMGardening with Pacific Northwest Native Plants: An Ecological Approach
12/7/18Final exams
No seminar
12/14/18Winter Break
No seminar
12/21/18Winter Break
No seminar
12/28/18Winter Break
No seminar
1/4/19Winter Break
No seminar
AESS MEETING to discuss upcoming events for Alumni panel and Colloquium
1/25/19Dr. Sean GordonEXITO presentation 5min

PSU Institute for Sustainable Solutions
The NW Forest Plan watershed condition assessment: co-evolution of a social construct and environmental data in a long-term monitoring program.

Dr. Judy Bluehorse Skelton
Johnson Creek Watershed 5 min presentation

PSU Indigenous Nations Studies
Work and volunteer opportunities

Re-Indigenizing the Urban Landscape for Food, Medicine and Healthy Lifeways
2/8/19Leslie Bliss-KethcumPSU EES Doctoral CandidateThe Impact of infrastructure on habitat connectivity for wildlife
2/15/19Jocelyn EnevoldsenOregon SurfriderRise above Plastics
2/22/19Lilliana Caughman    PSU EES Planning for Disaster - Building Resilient Cities
3/1/19Emily CahoonPortland State University EES School Of EnvironmentRethinking Yellowstone’s volcanic path through Oregon
3/8/19Philip OrlandoPortland State University ESM   A Random Forest approach to predict fine particulate matter exposure using low-cost sensor networks and GIS predictors
3/15/19Hailey WallacePortland State University ESMAre we providing for bee's in our neighborhoods?
3/22/19Final exams
No seminar
3/29/19Spring Break
No seminar
4/5/19Monica MogilewskyPortland State University EES  School Of Environment
4/12/19Angelina UribePortland State University ESM
4/19/19Shermin DeSilaBehavior Ecologist, San Diego
4/26/19Mike VermeulenPSU ESM
5/3/19Cody EversPSU EES The Land Tenure of Wildfire Risk Management Systems
5/10/19Amy EhrhartPSU EESPharmacist and pharmacy customer knowledge of leftover pharmaceutical disposal practices in the greater Portland area 
5/17/19Lara JansenPSU EESA comparison of benthic community structure in dam regulated and unregulated reaches in the Eel River, California
5/24/19Memorial Day Weekend No seminar
6/7/19Dr. Melissa Haeffner PSU/ESMOregon Water Stories
6/14/19 Final exams  No seminar