Hand Book

Dear Band Student and Parent:
Welcome to another exciting year with the Forest Hill High School Band Department Family. This Handbook was created to help parents and students understand policy and procedure of the Forest Hill Band Department. Please take the time to read this information. Students will be held accountable for all information in this packet.
Your cooperation and support can be a determining factor in ensuring an exciting and rewarding year. Parents and families are invited and encouraged to attend all performances by the Band this year. Parents are also encouraged to become involved in the Band Booster organization. The general booster meetings for this group will be held in the band room the second Wednesday of each month beginning in August starting at 6:00 p.m.
The student musicians at Forest Hill High School are dedicated to creating, developing and passing on the tradition of Excellence to current and future Band Members for years to come. A dedication that allows the students to proudly proclaim, “I am a member of the Forest Hill Band”. When students have pride in themselves and the Forest Hill Band, they are compelled to do there very best.
In order to participate in instrumental/visual activities and performances, it is necessary to complete a permission slip and other important paperwork.  These forms will be sent home with the student and should be completed and returned before the end of the first week of school... or as soon as possible. Students will not be permitted to perform or participate in any performing ensemble activities without these forms.
On behalf of the Administration, the Faculty of Forest Hill High School, the Band Booster Organization and myself, we welcome you to a busy and exciting year. We are all looking forward to your participation in ensuring a successful year at Forest Hill High School.
If you should have any questions or comments, please feel free to e-mail or call me at the Forest Hill Band Office.
George Reed - Director of Bands
Our Goals:
to promote, provide and encourage interest and participation in music
to develop individual musical talent
to increase musical skills and knowledge
to develop an appreciation for aesthetic beauty and musical artistry
to instill values of effort, sacrifice, cooperation, fellowship, self discipline and dedication
to serve the best interests of the student, school and community
to always strive for excellence
Band Department Ensembles:
Concert Band (Intermediate Band)
Open to all students who are enrolled at Forest Hill High School and have at least one year experience playing a band instrument. This class provides intermediate skills in instrumental techniques and music theory. It is highly recommended that students enrolled in this class provide their own instrument. Large instruments will be provided. Along with Marching Band activities, students in this class will be performing concerts with the Wind Ensemble and Beginning Bands in December and early May and are encouraged to participate in the Solo & Ensemble “Music Performance Assessment”.
Wind Ensemble
Open to students only through recommendation of Band Director. This class provides advanced skills in instrumental techniques and music theory. Along with Marching Band activities, students in this class will be performing a concert with the Concert and Beginning Bands in December and early May and are required to participate in the Solo & Ensemble “Music Performance Assessment”. Wind Ensemble members will perform at the Concert Band “Music Performance Assessment”. Some after school rehearsals are required and will be announced in a timely manner. It is highly recommended that students enrolled in this class provide their own instrument. Large instruments will be provided.
Marching Band
This is a co-curricular activity open to all students who are enrolled in a band or music class and have musical or dance experience. Performance skills are developed through group and individualized instruction. Students learn basic music skills as well as marching techniques. The marching band performs at football games, parades, pep rallies, and other events. After school rehearsal are currently Tuesday and Thursdays from 3:45-5:45PM weekly during season and Fridays before football games. It is highly recommended that students participating in this activity provide their own instrument. Large instruments will be provided. Must attend Marching Falcon Pre-School Band Camp!
Marching Band Physical Education Waiver (check for recent changes in law)
A Senate Bill passed by legislature allows Marching Band to be used to satisfy one -half credit requirement in Physical Education. Students must apply for this waiver and notify their guidance counselor. Students must be enrolled in a regular Band or Eurythmics class to qualified.
Eurhythmics - Color Guard/Majorettes
The Color Guard and Majorettes function as one of the most important units of the Marching Band. All guard and majorette members undergo training in marching techniques, flag, rifle, sabre, dance, and other related activities. Auditions for this group take place in the spring but we do allow entry in early fall. The number of members in the Color Guard will depend on the number of winds and percussion.
Open to all students who are enrolled at Forest Hill High School. Designed for beginners or new players, this class will provide students with experiences that will provide a basic understanding of the elements of music and guitar. Students in this class will be required to give performances as part of their grade. It is highly recommended that students enrolled in this class provide their own guitar and method book.
Jazz Ensemble (after/before school)
 Students participating in this extra-curricular group will be introduced to jazz literature, style and improvisation. Any student playing sax, trombone, trumpet, tuba, trap set (drums), electric guitar, bass guitar or keyboards and is registered for a band or music class will be eligible. Admittance by audition only.
Band Room Rules & Regulations
1) Be to class on time. Students will be inside the band room when the bell rings. Students will be seated with instruments and prepared for class no later than two minutes after the bell rings.
2) Be prepared for class. Instrument, music, pencils, lyres, spit rags, etc.
3) Follow talking guidelines. When the band director or designee steps on the podium or any other time as directed, talking must stop. If you have something important to say, raise your hand and wait to be called.
4) Play instruments only when instructed by director.
5) Keep your hands and feet to yourself. Touching other students or their instruments will not be tolerated
6) Eating, drinking or chewing gum is prohibited in the band room! Doing so will damage musical instruments as well as interfere with student’s performance on his/her instrument. It will also attract unwanted pests.
7) Do not engage in Horseplay.
Discipline Referral
Lower Grade
The Band Director and Band Officers will keep a record of each student’s demerits/detentions. At the end of the grading period, the director will review these records and assign the appropriate conduct grade accordingly. Excessive discipline problems will be cause to exclude any student from band activities. Unserved Demerits will affect the Band Members overall grade; demerits reflect musicianship and bandsman skills.
Bandroom Procedures
Students will be allowed to enter the band room prior to the commencement of the school day in order to drop off their instruments in the instrument storage area. This will prevent students from having to carry their instruments with them from class to class.
 When students enter the band room for class they will:
      Pick up music folio

      Place music and pencil on music stand
      proceed to instrument storage area,  get instrument.
      remove instruments from case, place case under chair (or next to) and be seated.
      At the end of class the student will reverse above procedures.
(Cases for the larger instruments such as bassoon, bari sax, baritone, euphonium, trombone and tuba should remain by storage area)
       Students with paperwork needing to be signed or late passes will place them on podium prior to being seated for class. These will be signed by director at the conclusion of class and returned to the student.
Instrument Storage Lockers
 As a convenience to the students, an instrument storage locker may be provided for their use. The storage rooms and lockers are reasonably safe to keep instruments and every precaution will be made to assure this. Students wishing to store their instrument in the storage room will place the instrument in a designated area with his/her name clearly visible on the outside of the case. I.D. tags serve this purpose well. Unauthorized contact with another student’s instrument is not permitted and is a violation of Band room etiquette (see rule #5).
Instrument Rental
Students and parents should try to make arrangements to purchase or rent quality musical instruments. The names of local stores are provided to you in this handbook. Good deals on purchases can be found in band catalogues (see band director).
Because some instruments are extremely expensive to rent as well as purchase, the band department will provide those instruments to students to rent at a very reasonable price. Instruments such as tuba, euphonium, bassoon, bari sax, tenor sax, bass clarinet and French horn may be rented from the band department on an availability basis. Other instruments may also be available on a need only basis. All students using school owned instruments must sign a contract with the band department and, which requires them to assume responsibility for loss or damage.

Those students receiving superiors and excellent ratings at district and state festivals for solo & ensemble as well as concert and jazz band will receive medals for each one. These medals may be worn on their uniforms at concerts, etc.
 Each year at the final concert, awards assembly, or banquet, a variety of awards are given to those students who display certain characteristics that are exemplary of a fine young musician.

  • One Year Pin – One full Year in Concert Band or Wind Ensemble
  • Band Letters – Two Full Years in Concert Band and/or Wind Ensemble and at least One Year in Marching Band.
  • Gold Bars- One for each subsequent year after receiving Band letters.
  • Most Outstanding… Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior
  • Four Year Award-participation in Band andMarching Band all 4 years.
  • John Phillip Sousa Award- Most Outstanding Bandsman

Full or partial scholarships are available for such things as summer band camps, leadership camps, master classes, etc. If a student is interested in attending a particular event and needs financial assistance, a scholarship application must be filled out and returned to the Band Director or Band Boosters.
Solo and Ensemble Festival
(Music Performance Assessment)
Each year students are encouraged to participate in the solo and ensemble festival. Students in the Advanced Bands, Drum Line, and Color Guard may participate. Solos, duets, trios are among some of the types of pieces which may be performed. At the festival, student’s performances will be evaluated by qualified judges and given a score. Students are not competing against one another rather they are performing for an evaluation and rating. Students choosing to play a solo may be required to pay a piano accompaniment fee.

Marching/Concert/Jazz Band Festival
(Music Performance Assessment)
Each year the Florida Bandmasters Association hosts the Concert, Marching and Jazz Band Music Performance Assessments (Festivals). Participating bands perform selected pieces of music for several judges who rate the ensembles based on strict guidelines.
Student Eligibility: All students in our school district must pass a minimum of five (5) courses and maintain a minimum G.P.A. of 2.0 each grading period in order to be eligible for participation in many band activities. These activities include solo & ensemble festivals and band festivals.
Handling of Music
All music handed out will be placed in their music folder or marching folio. Students will be responsible for all music placed in their folder. If a student looses his/her music, they will be charged accordingly. From time to time, students will be asked to make markings on their music. Students will make these markings in pencil only. If student marks music in pen, they will be required to pay for replacement cost of music.
Grading Policy
 The grading system, which I have adopted, includes necessary requirements for the development of the well-rounded music student. Each area below will contribute to the overall success of the young musician.
1) Playing Quizzes
2) Written Quizzes
3) After School Rehearsals (Participation)
4) Performances: Concerts, Pap Rallies and Festivals
5) Musicianship
6) Un-served Detentions/Demerits
Quizzes: Playing quizzes will be given on such things as scales, musical excerpts and exercises from their instrumental method book. Written quizzes will cover things such as music theory and history.
Performances: Students will be required to participate in activities such as concerts, parades (marching band) and festivals. There will be a minimum of two concerts during the school year and performances at the Marching and Concert Band Music Performance Assessments. Parades will be announced in a timely manner. Concerts will be held in December, February and the early part of May.
Daily class participation: Being prepared for class with your instrument, music, and pencil falls under this category. Also, effective participation in rehearsal activities is included.
If the student is on time, in proper uniform, has music and contributes properly to the performance, the student will receive full credit for that performance. If a student is unable to meet this requirement, the student will be allowed to receive full credit for missing a performance by completing a substantial written assignment designated by the director.
Practicingwill be allowed in the band room before and after school and during lunch for those students who have special needs. Students who have instruments too large to carry home on a regular basis (i.e. tuba) and students whose instruments are not allowed on school busses will be allowed to practice in the band room or practice rooms at these times. All other students must make arrangements to take their instrument home on a regular basis and practice at home. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis.
Morning practice M-F 8:00AM – 8:55AM. . Afternoon practice whenever there is not a rehearsal until aprox. 5:30PM.
Marching Band members will be assigned a band uniform at the beginning of the school year. Shoes and gloves are required and will be itemized in the Band Fair Share. Lyres must be purchased by the student from a local music store. Students who already own any equipment will not be required to pay for that item again. Students are required to wear the Band T Shirt underneath uniform and at school on game days and pep rallies, etc. Band T Shirts are part of the fair share and must be paid for before the end of “Band Camp”.
How to Wear the Forest Hill High Band Uniforms
The uniform should be worn with pride and treated with respect by all members of the band. In order to ensure that the uniform is worn correctly, please follow these guidelines.
1. Never appear in public wearing a partial uniform. (Exception: when it is hot, the band director may permit the removal of jackets)
2. For Marching Band Members, wear the official Band T-Shirt under the uniform. The Band Boosters will issue the shirt.
3. Band Shoes should be clean and polished prior to every performance. Absolutely no tennis shoes or deck shoes will be permitted.
4. Hi-rise black socks must be worn. Low-rise golf or tennis socks are not permissible.
5. Black gloves are to be worn by all marching instrumentalists and should be clean. The clarinet section will be the only section permitted to cut off the fingertips of the gloves. Clarinet players must sew the cut edges of each.
Wind Ensemble: Black Pants, White shirts, socks and shoes, 
Concert Band: Same as Wind Ensemble
Beginning Band: White Shirt, Black Pants
Guitar: White Shirt, Black Pants
All-State and All-District Concert and Jazz Band
Students actively participating in the Band program are encouraged to audition for the all-state and all-district bands. Students who are selected to these groups will have the opportunity to rehearse and perform a concert with the finest middle school students in the district and state. All-state band performances take place at the annual Florida Music Educators Conference, which takes place in January of each year in Tampa, Fl. Audition information will be given to students at the appropriate times. Auditions for all-state take place in mid-September and Auditions for all-district take place in March or April.
Band Officers
In the Spring Semester, nominations and interviews will be held for Band Officers. Band Officers are required to be in both Marching and Concert Bands. Band Officers will assist the Band Director in many aspects of running the band program at Forest Hill High School, including trip planning, socials, performances, etc. All officers attend a mini-band leadership camp and will be responsible for teaching new members marching fundamentals. All officers are required to attend regular meetings as called by the Band Captain. Band officers will include, but will not be limited to the following:
Band Captain (Sr) –Highest-ranking officer. Reports only to Bandmaster/Director. Oversees all other officers and makes sure those duties are carried out. Organizes and holds officer meetings. Award promotions.
1st Lieutenant  (Sr) – Drum Major/Field Commander. Reports to Band Captain. Enforce Rules and Regulations. Overseas section sergeants. Marching Band Conductor.
1st Lieutenant  (Sr) – Commander of Operations. Reports to Band Captain. Enforce Rules and Regulations. Oversees sergeants of uniform, music and inventory.
2nd Lieutenant  (Jr/Sr) – Assistant Drum Major. Enforce Rules and Regulations. Directly assists section leaders or runs sectionals in their absence.
2nd Lieutenant  (Jr/Sr) – Operations Assistant. Enforce Rules and Regulations. Directly assists sergeants of uniform, music and inventory.
*  Secretary (Jr/Sr)  : Enforce Rules and Regulations. Takes Attendance at rehearsals, keeps minutes of leadership meetings, keeps records of volunteer hours and assists in other clerical duties.
Other Leadership
Sergeants– Monitor Rules and Regulations.
*  Sergeant of Music  (Jr/Sr) – Enforce Rules and Regulations. In charge of music library. Files, copies and distributes music.
*  Sergeant of Arms (Jr/Sr) – Enforce Rules and Regulations. In charge of instrument inventory and storage lockers..
*  Uniform Sergeant (Jr/Sr) – Enforce Rules and Regulations. In charge of band uniforms.
*  Section Sergeants (section leaders) (Jr/Sr) -Enforce Rules and Regulations.
If a band member wishes to be considered for an office in the future, it is highly recommended that he/she nominate himself for sergeant position.
Bus Procedures/Etiquette:
During the course of the school year we will be traveling on buses several times.  The following guidelines must be followed to ensure order and safety during these trips. All chaperons and Band Officers must be treated with courtesy and respect. If you have a problem with a chaperon, please contact the chaperone chairman first. If a chaperone has a problem with you, the chaperone will report to the educator for disciplinary action.  I will give you the opportunity to respond to the charges and then determine disciplinary action based upon the degree of the offense. Please eliminate the need for any action by policing your own actions.
1. All students must ride the bus to every event. Any student that does not ride the bus will not perform in that event.  Please make sure that you are on time and do not miss the bus departure time.
2. Bus sign-up forms will be posted during the first week of school for Football Games and 2 weeks prior to a road trip. Choose your bus very carefully because you will need to sit in that seat for attendance purposes.
3. Large instruments should be put on the equipment truck, under the bus or securely in a seat.  It is up to the individual to ensure equipment is put on or taken off the truck or bus.
4. On longer trips uniforms need not be put on before getting on the bus. Once the buses arrive at our destination, you will have five minutes to dress. Uniforms should not be put on while the bus is in motion.              
5. Band Officers and Chaperones will be responsible for taking attendance on each bus. Attendance will be taken before leaving the school and before returning to the school.  Students will listen with respect as role is being taken.
6. Students will remain in seats at all times until instructed otherwise.
7.   Students will use appropriate language and provide a pleasant and positive atmosphere for all involved.
8.  Radios and tape players will be permitted with headphones.  At the driver's discretion, these may be played without headphones if the noise is not determined to be a safety hazard.  Do not assume that you can play radios or tapes on any bus trip.
9. Follow posted bus rules and/or determined by the bus driver. While on the Bus, our lives are in the driver’s hand. Do what the driver asks.
Chaperones are a necessity to our organization and they and the Director will have the final word.  Thank the chaperones and treat them like your own parents… or better.

1.     Students are to be seated in the bandroom, with instruments, music and fully dressed at the designated time. (See whiteboard and calendar for weekly specifics) Prior to the designated time, students will be allowed to use dressing rooms to dress.
2.        Warm-up and Skull Session in Courtyard or practice field. Then March-over to stadium (Home Games)       –or-
      Load busses (away games), travel, Warm-up and Skull Session, Then March-over to host stadium.
3.   Restroom breaks will be limited and students will be escorted by a chaperone.
   4. Only chaperones and marching band members will be permitted to sit within the band block.
5.   Only water provided or purchased at the stadium is permitted in the band block. The Band Director only will determine if and when jackets may be removed. Students must be back in seats when 5:00 is left on 3rd quarter clock (Home Games Only).
6. Students and Chaperones will help to ensure that only participating members are in the ensemble room before and after performances.
1.      Students will follow all procedures in their FHHS Student Handbook and Palm Beach County Schools Code of Conduct.
2. Students will refrain from smoking.
3. Students will refrain from alcoholic beverages and the use of drugs.
4. Students will refrain from profane, abusive or slanderous language and gestures.
5. Students will always practice and perform better than the day before.
6. Students will retain a 2.0 grade point average or better in order to participate in any of the ensembles.
7. Students will refrain from inappropriate public display of affection.
8. Students will observe our educational facilities and behave appropriately.      
Fair Share
The Band Department does not receive adequate funds from the School or School District. It is necessary for the band department to secure funds through it’s own means. Expenses such as new music, new instruments, gloves, shoes, instrument repairs, master class instructors, transportation, equipment, band trips and music supplies are among some of our expenses and can become very costly.
*  The band department asks the parents to assist in providing for some of these expenses by participating in our Forest Hill Band Boosters.
*  Students wishing to pay for part of their Fair Share by participating in fund raising activities are encouraged to do so.
*  It is important that everyone does their fair share in getting involved with the education and enrichment of our children. An amount of $125  must be paid by the end of “Marching Band Camp” for all Marching members.
If any student has difficulty meeting financial obligations, please see the Band Director or Boosters President to discuss payment alternatives.
Marching Band Fair Share 2015-2016:


Wind Ensemble/Concert Band 2011/2012: (If not in Marching Band)


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