About Us

Welcome to the Oxford High School Counseling Page. The mission of our counseling program is to empower ALL students to reach their fullest potential by providing a comprehensive school counseling program to facilitate their academic, career, social, and emotional development. As guided by the MASCA Model of School Counseling, the ultimate objective is to deliver services that provide ALL students with the requisite knowledge and skills for success in the academic/technical, workplace readiness, and personal/social domains.

In order to improve student achievement and promote a commitment to lifelong learning for all students, our school counselors will provide a program that utilizes classroom-based interventions and group and/or individual counseling that focus on the development of attitudes, knowledge and skills necessary for success in higher education, the workplace, and other post-secondary options.

Our goal is to promote in ALL students a sense of purpose and an understanding of their unique interests, strengths and limitations, so as to assist students in making well-informed post-secondary decisions and plans. As a department, we strive to promote the positive personal and social development of all students within a safe learning environment, so that every student feels safe and supported at school, develops interpersonal skills for positive social interactions, and understands their personal strengths and challenges.

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Meet Your Counseling Team:

School Counseling Department Head

School Counselor, Grades 8-12, Last Names O-Z

Mrs. Michaela Sirois

(508) 987-6084 Ext. 35117, fax: 508-987-6087


Grades 8-12 Adjustment Counselor

Ms. Katherine Wieland

(508) 987-6084 Ext. 35114, fax: 508-987-6087


School Counselor, Grades 8-12, Last Names A-F

Ms. Lindsay Ryan

(508) 987-6084 Ext. 35120, fax: 508-987-6087


Counseling Department Secretary

Ms. Mackenzie Corriveau

(508) 987-6084 Ext. 35115, fax: 508-987-6087


School Counselor, Grades 8-12, Last Names G-N

Mr. Timothy Donahue

(508) 987-6084 Ext. 35116, fax: 508-987-6087