5/6 Grade

Health Class

Mr. Solheim- 5th Grade Health

Ms. Burns - 6th Grade Health

You can find info here to help you with questions about Health class at RCI.

Mr. Solheim

I started teaching in Oregon in 1998. I have 4 kids of my own. Jonah- 27,graduated from Carthage college. Molly 16- 11th grade. Lilly and Lucy (twins)- 13- in eighth grade. I live in Middleton with my wife who is also a teacher (first grade). I coach 3 sports for Oregon Middle School. 7th grade girls volleyball, 7th grade boys basketball and 7th grade girls basketball.

I teach 5th grade Health in the mornings and 6th grade Physical Education in the afternoons.

I have a blast teaching Health class and hope your kids learn a little something about how to take care of themselves as they grow up. Nobody is perfect, and I try to let the kids know that about themselves, especially when it comes to our health. Do your best and forget the rest.

Ms. Burns

This is my 5th year teaching in the Oregon School District (2nd at RCI). I also taught 3 years at NKE. I live in Stoughton with my dog Haddie. I also work at a bakery some mornings before school.

I will be teaching 6th grade Health and 5th grade PE. I am excited to be back in a classroom for part of my day. Looking forward to learning together about how to be our best, truest, and healthiest self.