Do you know somebody who has something cool to say?

Guest speakers are an excellent way to bring the real world into the classroom.  They can provide insight into how what we learn in class connects to the things that are happening in the business world.

Students in any of my classes may earn extra credit by arranging for the participation of a guest speaker in class.  Students who are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity must complete "Request for Guest Speaker Approval" and "Agreement and Guidelines for Guest Speakers" forms and submit both to Mrs. Casto at least 1 week prior to the visit by the guest speaker.

It is the responsibility of the student to make all arrangements necessary to set up the guest speaker experience.  This may include:

  • Selecting a speaker who will contribute to our curriculum and provide a positive learning experience for our students
  • Selecting a date that works for Mrs. Casto and the speaker
  • Making arrangements for any technology or other presentation tools that the speaker requires
  • Greeting the speaker at the main entrance to the high school on the date he/she is presenting and escorting him/her to our classroom
  • Writing a thank-you note to the speaker (must provide a copy to Mrs. Casto as well)

This is a standing Casto Cred(it) opportunity for all of my students throughout the school year.  However, students may only arrange for one guest speaker per quarter.

Request for Guest Speaker Approval

Agreement and Guidelines for Guest Speakers