Port Moresby Game Fishing Club

The Port Moresby Game Fishing Club exists to support and promote the sport of big game fishing, and to encourage stewardship in all of the waters of the world. Our members strive to maintain the ethics of fishing by adhering to the rules of the International Game Fish Association.

We fish international tournaments across the Pacific. Look for us on the podium of your next major tournament!

Our Members:

-Anthony Trueman

-Farrell -Joanne Crosby

-John Beattie

-Damon Cragnolini

-Jeff Gurney

-Rob Doyle

Double hook up!

Anglers: Anthony Trueman-Farrell & John Beattie

Location : Saint.George's Channel, Rabaul, Papua New Guinea.

Boat; "Stephanie"

Skipper: John Lau, IGFA Representative, PNG

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