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ALL MONEYS must be in SEPARATE envelopes (hot lunch, ice cream, brown bag lunch, Scholastic orders, snacks, dinner-to-go) marked clearly with your child's name, 1A, and what the money is for.  Money is sent to different offices for counting and order placement.  It is a large school and your cooperation in this matter helps things run smoothly.  Any money for the above NOT in an envelope will be sent home.


Our  Specials Schedule is as follows:
Reading Lab - Tuesday and Wedensday
Gym - Wednesday
Computer/Technology - Thursday
Science - Friday

Hot lunch, Brown Bag, and ice cream orders and payment are due on Friday for the following week.  Our actual hot lunch day is Monday.  If you have ordered your child a hot lunch, or a brown bag lunch, it would be very helpful if you put a note in your child's lunchbox on that day indicating that a lunch was ordered.  That way, the lunchmom and I both know to be on the lookout for a delivery.  I DO NOT receive lists of who ordered brown bag.              

50 cent ice cream items are: orange creamsicle, fudge bar, fruit punch bar, and mini ice cream sandwich
$1 items are: van/choc cone, crazy cone, cookies & cream cone, ice cream sandwich, cookies & cream ice cream sandwich

Reading tests are given weekly and can include all or some of the following:  story vocabulary (past & present), phonics vowels sounds that have been worked on (spelling tests practice current vowel sound), comprehension of the story being read in class, a cold-read story (that is, reading and answering questions about a current level story that has not been read in class prior).  Not every test is given every week. Each week at home, please review the story vocabulary, the spelling words, and discussion of the story. 

When tests are sent home in the Yellow Test Folder, please review the tests with your child.  Sign the tests and return them in the Test Folder the following day.  Please do not put notes on the test, I don't see them right away.  I file when I have the opportunity.  First Grade receives letter grades based on the following percentages:
O (Outstanding) = 98-100
VG (Very Good) = 92-97
G (Good) = 85-91
S (Satisfactory) = 76-84
I (Improvement Needed) = 70-75
U (Unsatisfactory) = 0-69
Please keep in mind that your child may need time to adjust to the various testing formats, listening and following directions, and getting in the habit of checking his/her work.

Jan. 22, 2019

1. Do Math p. 68.
2. Read & discuss Lesson 11 story and words.
3. Religion - Study ch. 5 notes.
4. Write 1 sentence for each highlighted Lesson 11 word.




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