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This course plan is always being revised.  The activities are grouped in cycles.  At the end of each cycle is a one or two day evaluation. By the end of the course, each of the main ideas and strands in the course will have been studied and evaluated at least twice before the summative period. Please see this overview of the structure of the cycles.
The activities listed below vary in type and length.  Some may take two or three days.  Some require students to work at their desks with manipulatives while others are done at the whiteboard.  Any activities which seem worksheet driven are actually done at the whiteboards. At the end of most classes students have 10 minutes to journal.  The daily work is posted on a class blog or padlet.  The textbook used is Nelson Advanced Functions, 2009.  

We also lag the homework so they get to practice the concepts over several days.  Here is a course plan we have used which shows how the lagged homework is organized.   
The course plan below shows how we organized the cycles recently and has links to activities and lessons.  As of May 2016 we are still updating the links and the expectation grid.  You can find more links at Spiralling in MHF4U website which is the former version of our course.  We have referenced links which we borrowed from open sites.  

Examples of student work for many of the activities can be found at
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CycleActivityCharacteristics of
Rates of
 0          Building community activity 1: Card stacking and Get to know your peers & teacher       
 0 Building community activity 2: Hands of a clock       
 1 Representations Review Activity x  x  x x
1Characteristics of graphs and Speed Dating with graphsxx
 1 Radian Plates      
 1 Radian Wars card set & Trig Ratios       x
 1 Reciprocals of functions      x 
 1 Cubic polynomials and manipulatives       x  
  Solving polynomials in factored form, graphing from factored form (end behavior), Find a value for equations     x  
  Transformations with brainstorm of transformations
Student function chartinput/output chartledger paper
 x    x  
 1 Light It Up      x 
 1 Marble Rolls and Rates of change x x     
 1 Graphs to use for rates of change x      
 1 Test Cycle 1: Polynomials/Rational Functions; Trigonometry; RoC      
 2 Dominoes, logarithmic form and 
co-creating criteria for good questions
 2 Intro to log fxns and notation        
 2 Log transformations     x   
 2 Trig transformations       x
 2Special triangles, exact values and simple trig equations       x
 2 Solving problems in context from the graph: trig, logs, exponents, AROC (lynn)  x     
 2 Log Wars card set to play the classic game of War     x   
  Trig card games for practicing       x
  Test Cycle 2: Logs/Exponents, trig       
    3         Dividing Polynomials ( Area model)
Connection to blocks
 3 Factoring and remainder theorem     x  
 3 Solving poly eqns, relate to graphs.
Given graph – create equation
 x    x  
 3 Camping Costs      x 
 3 Graphs of  rat (simple rat with h.a. y = 0 or y = c)( va with degree even or odd and significance)       
 3 nth Diff=an! & Painted Cube     x  
 3 exp/log graph to and from equation x  x x   
 3 Solve exp eqn with common bases   x x   
 3 exp equation solving   x x   
 3 Solving log eqns with log laws Solving Exp & Log equations
Solving simple log and exponential equations (lynn)
   x x   
 3 Consolidation day       
 3 Test Cycle 3: Logs and Exponents/Trigonometry       
 4 Equivalent Trig Expressions       x
 4 Combining Functions (with tanx) 
Matching Graph to Equations combined functions
 x      x
 4 Compound angles & double angles       x
 4 Polynomial and Rational equations and graphs     x x 
Solving Polynomial & Rational Inequalities

     x x 
 4 Tides and Trig modelling questions  x     x
 4 Trigonometric Solving       x
  Consolidation day       
  Test Cycle 4: Poly/rat equation and inequality solving, Trig expressions, angle formulas and modelling       
 5 Magnitude of earthquake activity; distance between planets (applications of logs)   x x   
 5 Logarithmic Applications Zombies   x x x   
 5 Given a graph of a log function, determine equation x   x   
 5 Connect transformations and log laws, solve logarithmic equations   x x   
 5 Logistic Functions (and combine) vitamin C, Flu, Birds, Plague, Yeast) x x     
 5 Polynomials - build equations using different properties, then solve equations     x  
 5 Rational functions - graph anything Rational functions with OA and hole       x 
 5 Composition of Functions (Spread on Bread) x      
  Test Cycle 5: Applications, combined and composite functions, graph any poly/rat       
 6 Trig Identities (work to play) - basic ones (Intro to trig identities)       x
 6 Trig identities       x
 6 Logistic models x      
 6 Solving Quad & Trig functions       x
 6 Solving trig equations       x
 6 Compound angles       x
  Consolidation day       
  Test Cycle 6: Trig solving, trig identities, with formulas       
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