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Welcome to my homepage!  You can find some basic parameters of me in my CV (pdf)



News Highlights: 

Wei Zhang is selected as a Technical Committee member of the IEEE Magnetic Society.  

Our "Simultaneous electrical and optical spin-torque magnetometer" (see: Phy. Rev. Applied 11, 034047) now has a modular, compact, integrated version! 

Our collaborative research proposal for exploring THz spintronics on organic perovskite materials was granted. Thanks to the NSF-EPMD program. This project will start in the Fall with joint efforts from NCSU and UNC. 

Our proposal for acquiring an Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectrometer was granted. Thanks to the NSF-MRI program and special acknowledgment to the lead-PI, Dr. Amitava Adhikary 

Our group receives a seed grant from AFOSR allowing his lab to acquire a 20-GHz high-speed oscilloscope and an ultrafast pulse generator from Pico Technology. Thanks to AFOSR. 
More about the powerful PicoScope 9300: Link and the pulse generator: Link.

Wei Zhang attended the annual APS/CNM User Meeting at Argonne where our work on the THz emission of perovskite got presented in both oral presentation and poster! 

Wei Zhang receives university recognition at the annual faculty luncheon: 


Our recent research work got covered on the OU front page:

Full story can be found: Link

Wei Zhang was honored by the University Assessment Committee and gave a presentation on his assessment work on physics programs.

Strong magnon-photon coupling in Permalloy device achieved!

Our unique stroboscopic optical "spin-orbit-torque magnetometry" starts to produce data! 

Also see an example of such phase-sensitive method adopted for epitaxial FeCo thin films: Link.

Giant anisotropy of FeCo magnetic damping is found!

Mouhamad and Sawyer both receive the MSGC student fellowship to continue their research on Spin Seebeck effect of magnetic materials. Thanks to MSGC and NASA! 
The fellowship program can be found here: Link.

Our group receives DOE-Argonne subcontract grant and he will work at Argonne Lab in the summer to conduct research on quantum materials under high-pressure environment with Prof. Zhili Xiao at Advanced Photon Source. Thanks to ANL. 

Also see our pioneering result on the charge transport of GaAs quantum wells published on Nature Communications. Link

The collaborative work on Round Robin Spin Seebeck effect, with Inrim, Bielefield U, Tohuku U, NIMS, Pohang U, Cincinnati U, OSU, Delaware U, Argonne, and PTB, was published in IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement.  (Link)

Mouhamad and Sawyer from the Physics Department joined the group to conduct our collaborative project with NCSU. 

Our invited paper, "Gate-Tuned Temperature in a Hexagonal Boron Nitride-Encapsulated 2-D Semiconductor Device", is published and enclosed in the Special Issue on 2-D Materials for Electronic, optoelectronic, and Sensor Devices of IEEE Transaction on Electron Devices. 

Our group receives NSF-DMR grant to explore magneto-electric properties of nanofibers with Prof. Srinivasan. Thanks to NSF. 

Wei Zhang receives DoE Visiting Faculty Fellowship and begins his summer research with APS at Argonne. Thanks to DOE. 


Our group received a seed grant from Michigan Space Grant Consortium. Thanks to NASA. 

Wei Zhang completed his PI Academy training: 
and he looks forward to working with his external mentor, Dr. Geoff Beach (MIT): Link

Wei Zhang selected as one of the outstanding reviewers for IOP Publishing.

Wei Zhang participates in REAP summer mentoring program. 

Our MoS2 paper published in APL Mater belongs to the list of most accessed articles of the journal in 2016. 

Argonne News: Argonne ahead of the "curve" in magnetic study: http://www.anl.gov/articles/argonne-ahead-curve-magnetic-study 
See the paper in Nature Physics: Direct Observation of the Skyrmion Hall effect. 

NSF highlights: Making the switch, this time with an insulator. https://www.nsf.gov/news/news_summ.jsp?cntn_id=189739&org=NSF&from=news 
Work in collaboration with Prof. Mingzhong Wu at Colorado State University. 

Review article on exchange bias and antiferromagnetic spintronics published in Materials Science and Engineering: R: Report (IF = 11.789)

Nature Highlights: Spin-caloritronics: Neel meets Seebeck. http://www.nature.com/nnano/reshigh/2016/0416/full/nnano.2016.59.html

Editorial's pick of our work published in special topics of 2016 - "2D spintronics" https://twitter.com/aip_publishing/status/724621613984059392   
See the paper in APL MaterialsSpin transfer torques in permalloy on monolayer MoS2. 

Argonne News: Could the future of low-power computing be magnetism? http://www.anl.gov/articles/could-future-low-power-computing-be-magnetism 
See the other paper in NanoscaleEpitaxial patterning of nanometer-thick Y3Fe5O12 films with low magnetic damping.  (2016 Nanoscale HOT Article Selection)